Sunday, April 30, 2006

Things I'll miss in Dubai

It's been ages since I last wrote, it's definitely not due to the lack of stories but the lack of time. Maybe i'll recap stories from the past 3 months to share..........

As my internship is approaching to an end these are the things I'm going to miss when I go back to Amman:

  1. How everybody is smiling all the time
  2. How clean & new the cars are
  3. How various & abundant places there are for hanging out
  4. How beautifully designed the malls are. Mercato Mall is small with Italian interior & exterior designs.---->(pics are clickable)
  5. The beach
  6. How I can watch movies in open air ON the beach
  7. How steady & hole free the roads are when driving
  8. How I can wear absolutely anything or nothing for that matter & no-one would even care
  9. The creek
  10. How I can go out at anytime during the night & it still feels safe
  11. How I can lose my mobile phone 3 times & still find it exactly the same place I lost it
  12. How if I don't realize that I lost my mobile the people who find it would call the last number dialled looking for me
  13. The many beautiful parks
  14. Barbq on the beach
  15. How cheap the car fuel is
  16. All the restaurants over looking the water
  17. Our Indian receptionist at our residance building 'Bilal'!
  18. How safe it is
  19. The towers
  20. The concerts, shows & entertainment that are happening all the time, making you not knowing where to go.