Friday, April 02, 2010

Seriously Al Ghad?

Ya3ni we all heard of the article on the main page of Al Ghad Newspaper on April 1st- the newspaper i loved and respected and subscribed with for 5 years- regarding UFOs siting in Al Jafr area in Amman.

Honestly I was so excited! I believe there are other creatures living in this world besides us. Anyway, I started spreading the word and felt a good day coming ahead :)
I knew it was April Fool's Day bas olt mish ma32ool a credible newspaper in a conservative country like Jordan would pull a prank on 6 million people on this day.

6 million who have 90% of them who live under poverty who are worried if they can afford tomorrow's bread, 6 million who have other concerns in life than April Fool's Day, 3 million of them who don't even know what April 1st stands for, 6 million who are not known for partying or smiling or celebrating any religious or non religious holidays.

What is this weird holiday anyway? Just because it's non religious and doesn't involve drinking we think it's cute all of a sudden?

In a country where there is a lot of consideration to culture and tradition and 3aib o 7aram o ibsar shu I'm surprised that this newspaper -mish شيحان wala ishi haik weekly o tabloids - would consider even doing this!

How would they write this and think it's funny? It would be funny but it would be funnier if they wrote "Happy April Fool's Day", "تعيشو وتاكلوا غيرها " at the end of the article or anywhere else in the same newspaper.

Willa the next day they lame excuse of having this prank is in the front page. Ishi bikhzi.