Sunday, July 27, 2008

3onsor il mufaja2a

While chatting with a friend of mine the other day I have learnt a new perspective of the element of surprise.

Me-why would you like looking at a girl at work if she's wearing a skirt? You saw her in a bathing suit, what's the deal?

Him- Well, it's different. When going to the beach, pool or where- ever, the expected dress code is a bathing suit. It's great but it's expected, it's the norm. But at work it's not very usual to have employees wear a skirt, hone beeji 3onsor il mufaja2a!

Here I began to realize how the "brilliant" mind of males works. And it's interesting. He's right, as long as there's an element of surprise, or unnormality within the trend, then it's interesting.

Us, girls, we use our brains differently. We don't get it when guys like a weirdo girl in salsa class :) She sprayed pepper spray on a mosquito in the middle of the routine for God's sakes! She behaves differently, but that's the catch, if she behaved like a normal salsa dancing student then she's within the trend, mafi 3onsor il mufaja2a.

Looking at it this way it's more comprehensible why couples of opposite characters end up together and why certain people end up as friends.