Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I wasn't short listed for the Chevening scholarship..............it hurts.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Laish il aza?

Walking in hotels always made me feel different. I love the ambience of diversity, the smiling people (for a change) and importance it gives you. I have to work in a hotel sometime :) Imagine the amount of blond guys I can bump into per day ! :) Il muhim....

As I was entering the Meridien Hotel for a family dinner I took a look as usual on the activity list to see what else was going on in the hotel. To my shock I stopped walking and told my aunt, I have to take a picture of this!

Why do people do this?! Taking the K away from the "knowledge" and sticking it before "FUC" world bank? Laish il aza? Ya3ni mazboot it's freakin funny bas inno you don't do this in hotels where foreigners are actually reading these lists o ninfade7? La2 bas tab3an ni7na il Jordanians cool o bni3raf masabbat bil English ;)

Anyway to feed my ego I went to the concierge hoping to hear exactly what he had told me:) I asked him: 'Shayef fee ishi ghalat bil list? Masalan ism il bank?' Fa il akh read it out loud o howweh mish 3aref wain alla 7atto, he's like: 'ah haik ismo' !!

I thanked him for his efforts in being a great employee, byikhdim il balad o fee motivation lal shoghol. 7aram ma ilosh 3al lone :)

I took the picture thinking how good life is :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Visiting Deutschland, the country of decipline and order

I haven't been writing in such a long time, I can blame the laziness in me and nothing else. I always think that when I write it should be well written with pictures and such but I figured I can't keep up with that, I'll just write whatever pops on my mind.

I have been to Munster (the city of bicycles), Germany in Aug 2007 for a media workshop with a bunch of friends from Jordan participating with Romanian and Israeli teams. To make a long story short you can look at our products on the following website :

Fadi Awwad a great singer was also in my team check out his songs

Munster is such a beautiful city, typical European, with all it's nice and awful aspects! The best part was seeing 4 of my German Dubai friends whom I really appreciate for they have traveled by trains and cars to meet up with me to share some of the old laughs.

Below are some pictures of the city.

Note the amount of bicycles on the left

This guy is amazing and there are so many like him

7aram ti3ib!

No comment

A classic :)

A proof that Germany is not perfect :)

In the end Germany is a beautiful country that I would definitely visit again :)