Saturday, December 12, 2009

The other side of hit music

I found nice covers and instrumental of somehow popular music.

This guy is very good check out all his music DAVID SIDES

Better than the original ?


Not  very stupid now is it?


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reality Check

This is one of those posts that you end up questioning your own job!

I passed by a boutique in the shopping complex next to Crown Plaza Hotel (3amra Hotel sabiqan) and went in.Very nice shop, shoes and bags:) every girl’s dream.

Il muhim, the sales lady, the owner welcomed us and offered to show us some boots. Very nice designs I must admit. I remembered that lady, she was with me in university! She was stupid, she once answered the accounting professor with a “Ma tis2alni ana ma ba3raf ishi !” when he asked her to solve the problem. He kicked her out. I felt good back then not because I was a good student, because she was rude.

Look who’s feeling good now! She designs the boots and bags, sends her designs to Italy to be made with genuine leather and a brand name. Ironic huh? She’s selling a pair of shoes for around one fifth on my salary!

Ya3ni I’m sure her parents are proud of her now, what good was that B+ in that accounting course? I’m sure she was drawing another design and deciding on her career that day when she was kicked out. Good for her.

Yeah I know, life is not fair :) Why oh why am I an employee ?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Petra Rocks

After hearing and reading opposite reviews all week long regarding this musical I was anxious to go experience a Jordanian musical in an out-of-the-ordinary- theater in Applied University (yet very neat and cozy).

The seating was on first-come-first-served basis although audience purchased their tickets based on seat numbers. This ticked off some of the crowd who seemed restless especially while waiting 20 extra minutes for play to start.

The set-up, lighting, and costume design exceeded my expectations as props were promptly shifted without the notice of the audience eye, the sound effects were interestingly added to some scenes and lighting was rarely out of place. The music, though, was a disappointment; I expected better music arrangements and compositions from our Jordanian musicians. In addition to the unattended sound check when some actors were speaking and the audience couldn’t tell what was going on.

The play started off by dancers who filled the stage with not so uncommon choreography, but with an interesting flavor of tempo and choice of clothes. However, as the play went on it seemed to be a long dancing performance with some acting and storyline.

The story of Petra Rocks is profound in basis but appeared to be weak on stage, needing more transitional scenes and enrichment of the plot. The ending in specific was rather abrupt, not knowing for sure whether the ending was a happy ending or a sad one as one of my friends commented.

Dima Bawwab was, as always, professional in performance, articulate and expressive in all songs. With her soft yet powerful voice that was sensational and consistent she portrayed experience and character. What was interesting for me to see was the acting and classical Arabic speaking by Dima. Again, she surprised the audience with her convincing role of Princess Hana’ah, like a butterfly coloring the stage with her feminine look and expressive phrases.

Nonetheless, Roz Al Werr was, as expected, remarkable in singing but not as good in acting. The role of the queen might have been too restricting for such an actress and singer.

Amer Al Khuffash who played Saleh, the water engineer of big dreams and a brave heart did a great job winning the heart of the princess and most of the audience. Other male artists were, unfortunately, not up to the standard of the female artists in terms of singing and overall performance.

Adeeb Derhalli captured the audience’s attention in his Prince Kong Ai Dan role, luring the Princess with his fortunes and rare assets in his funny Chinese outfit and dialect. He is obviously more experienced than other actors in the play, moving lightly across the stage, with a clear voice and confident existence under the spotlight. The ‘suitors’ scene, as the audience probably agrees, was the most entertaining and the most profound in terms of script writing and acting with Adeeb enriching it.

Lara Sawalha did a wonderful job as well bringing some groove and boldness to the dances and the acting. She proved her enjoyment and passion of theater with her role, Jamilah the poetess, making the best out of a minor character in the story.

As a person in the audience I can’t but appreciate the hard work spent on the making of this musical from directing to advertising, performance and overall look & feel. There are, on the other hand, many areas for improvement in storyline, choice of character names, music, etc. But I’m glad we have such opportunities for our artists and I’m definite that this is only the beginning of good Jordanian theater for the years to come.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

One Life Stand!

This post is dedicated to my friend T :)

Meeting up with friends last week, having hot chocolate, complaining about the weather...... (ok only I was complaining about the weather since I hate winter and wish it would be summer everyday of the year), we were talking about thee most talked about topic in Amman between youth ages 22-42 : Hooking up / Marriage/ Finding The One.

Tab3an as usual everyone pretends inno mabsoot haik o 3adi I'm not looking for anyone at the moment, I need to enjoy life, fa we were exchanging stories of people who got to know each other over a period of 2 or 3 months and then got married (traditional marriage).

Fareeda said her famous sentence :"i don't understand why are people in such a hurry to get married?"

T then moved on to the idea of a 1 night stand and how the west thinks of this and that.

All that came to my mind, ironically, was that there's no difference between an Arab girl who knows a guy for 2 months and then marries him, giving her body and soul to him and a western girl who gets to know a guy for the same period and then giving herself to him, being a 1 night stand, then breaking up and finding another.

Aren't these 2 girls from across the world the same? Isn't marrying someone within 2 months of knowing him a kind of prostitution? What's the difference, really? It is as T called it "One life stand".

A man or a woman cannot surely know during only 2 months that this person is THE ONE thus what attracts them to each other is sex. Purely sex.

After sometime the naive western woman moves on, leaves him for a reason or another, finds another man who offers her a subconcious one night stand approach, while the Arab women accepts the one life stand, stays for a reason or another,swallows her pride and moves on to being a mother.

A mother who in return marries her daughters traditionally. After an Arab girl has her ethics and honour which are saved until marriage, until the one life stand.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Drama @band practice

I just noticed that I have never written anything related to band or my interest in music since I'm saxogirl. Well to spare you of the boring stuff and to make it short, I play the Alto Saxophone since I was 11 and still am, one of my passions in life.

BUT the interesting part is the drama that happened today during band pratice. Never in my life have I imagined that things would take this shape with our conductor, let's call her, Miss Rumba for the sake of argument.
Band background:
  • Conductor: Miss Rumba is the conductor I've known to love and repect for years and years. She was the cool American music teacher who had the exciting activities and trips during school years. She's spent her entire life teaching students music with, I must admit, little appreciation. As you grow up you discover that those idols you used to have are not that perfect, unfortunately, they are just like anybody else.

  • Music: symphonic, classical, a little jazz, serious- not appealing to the common Jordanian

  • Players: since it's a voluntary community band now, very few are attending practices. Currently we're 17
Tamer, my sax mate, started off by explaining to Miss Rumba why previous players are not attending: " I will say this and I hope it doesn't come out the wrong way...... the music needs to be more fun....... "

She was furious, she said that this has been the endless battle with us, that we don't like the music "well if you haven't notice we don't have band music like the ones you hear on the radio, I've always made sure that there would be something that people would recognize and enjoy but there's no winning with you........etc.........Lara has been saying this since ever"....... ehhh ana?

ok I did like 3 years back at a gathering at her house. I said all that needs to be said coz i'm not the kind that sweet talks people, what I believe in I say so help me God. It was a total fiasco tonight as it was 3 years back where all my fellow musicians said nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was bad, no support, no understanding, nothing.

The discussion went on further "I have other things to do than conduct this band if you guys don't want to can support the band by buying some new music...........what you're saying here is that all this music is trash......"

Has she not been with us during performances? Where very few people attend? Where players come and go and only il khozzat illi zayyi stay?

Why are people so protective? She asks for suggestions and then she refuses them. Is it because this band has been her baby for the past 20 years? Why does she take it personal? Doesn't she want this band to succeed? Is it becuase she's past 50 years of age? Mid-life crisis? Does she want to play the victim?

Insanity: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over,
Expecting Different Results

It's funny how to us, the members of the band, it's very obvious what has to be done to make this band something but to her it's not acceptable, it's mean and it's unfair.

Now I understand how bad it seems for others to try to change a person. This person thinks he's got it all figured out and that no one understands but have to trust him. Others think ' if you could only work on that part you'd have it all'.

I think deep inside she knows there's something wrong with this band and how it's being managed but being stubborn beats everything else.

This band breaks my heart, jad, it could be way better.

and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of
Michel de Montaigne

Friday, October 23, 2009

أحمر وشقي لاذع ولذيذ ؟؟ what the heck!?

We were staying late at the office the other day and G+Ginseng girls came in and distributed promotional drinks with brochures.

I thought that was cool since I like the bitter lemon they have.

Taking a short break we looked at the brochure and couldn't believe the logo, the names of the drinks and the vibes that the brand carries!

Check them out for yourselves (please click on pic to enlarge and note the details)


A whip and handcuffs? for real?

In my opinion this brand is targeting hormones and sexuality. The brand identity girl is wearing a tight outfit with all the gadgets, ma32ool? I don't want to sound like my grandma bas ya3ni a whip??!! Come on

I got more curious and checked their website, unbelievable. Check it and look at what your cursor becomes! Now it all makes sense, my pharmasist friend told me once not to drink it, "it's like Viagra!". I guess we all know what g stands for now.

Welcome to the g spot

What is g? It's a premium multi-flavor carbonated beverage, that contains
ginseng extract- a revitalizing substance known for its healthy medicinal
effects, anti aging benefits, as well as
properties which forms the basis of g's
advertising approach

check the radio ads, banned ads, and motto........ horrible

again..... what the heck?!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jordan TV

Ma32ool Jordan Television?!!!

It's like it's in a time warp where it got alienated in space with no reference and no benchmarks.

I've got 4 questions for you Jordan TV:

  1. Why do you still host guests and insist on speaking classical Arabic?

(if you say so that the Arab world countries would understand us think again. LBC and Future speak lebanese and they're one of the most viewed channels.)

2. Why are the studio furniture and decor incoherent ?

3. Why are the hosts un natural?

4. Why don't you have interesting shows and series?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mango and Cairo

Going on a trip with 3 of my school friends to Cairo seemed like a great idea.
We spend hours planning for it and deciding on the dates, fighting over the dates and finally agreeing on the dates :)

If you think this post is about my friends, it's not, it's about beautiful Cairo.

"Please tell me you hated it" a friend of mine said after I came back, "I didn't it's really cool".

Cairo is ana amazing city full of life. People stay awake 24 / 7 literally! It’s not for partying only, it’s for going out for coffee or whatever. Here if you stay up it’s because you’re cool, in Cairo it’s for spending some good time in good weather. “sometimes we go out and then go directly to class” Lamya said, a cousin of our friend who is studying in AUC. “It’s very normal to sleep 4 hours a day here”.
As she way saying this I was looking for dark circles on her eyes to see the effect of sleep deprivation but unfortunately I found none. How could they do that? How dare they? I was so jealous of the lifestyle: )

It's interesting to say that Cairo is romantic! Yes though it's super dirty and chaotic, with those poor police men trying to be respected by people, traffic and hot weather killing you by the minute, it is nonetheless romantic. If you walk by the Nile you can see couples standing at the bars looking at the river with hopeful eyes, holding hands, having arms around each other, PDA. Each empty slot formed by the bars has a couple and what's interesting is that these couples are boyfriend and girlfriend. Very few are engaged or married (if the ring is an indicator).

What I loved about this fact is that love is not forbidden in Cairo.Inspired by
the book "Eat, Pray, Love" I now know that Cairo speaks 'Lust' in the air.
Everybody is in a state of love, it's in the eyes of people at Khan il Khalili,
streets, restaurants, everywhere.
Definitely a city worth living in!

Sanitary standards are different than ours, once we were at TGI Friday and asked the waiter to clean the table “7alan ya fandim” he said and then took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the table. He must’ve been kidding but he wasn’t, good thing we had Hi-gene!

Fresh juices are something else over there; we were always ordering mango juice. Nivene had 10 in 4 days. Everytime the mango juice surprises you of how good it tastes. Ahwet il Fishawi in Khan il Khalili know this I’m sure coz the prices of a mango juice there are the same as here!
notice the civilizations above (from pyramids to sky scrapers)

Ok I lied this post is also about my friends. Let me give you a bit of background :
These 3 friends have been my close friends since school. We’ve managed to stay close throughout university and work life. Firyal, Nivene and

The trip was smooth as expected with a bit of spices here and there. Nuha, a perfectionist, wanted to photograph everything! And she did :) When she found out that “Hussam Habeeb” the singer (whoever that guy is) was in our hotel, she and Nivene crashed a wedding while he was singing the solo romantic song to the bride and groom! Needless to say after all the embarrassment she took a picture with him :) Nuha was a great travel mate especially at the airport when 2 gulfi guys tried to hook up with us “Oskot o liff wijhak balash ma takullak kaff!” Bravo Nuha :)

Nivene, the fast and the furious, was as always a the easy go-er, she planned the activities of the trip and was crazy enough to take a dare from one of the girls to go up to a bride and tell her “we’re from Jordan and we’d like to take a picture with you”. Needless to say inha intafsat coz the groom objected “aslo il 3areez lazeez bassi multazim” the sister in law justified.
Firyal, the soft hearted, was the angel sent from heaven to all those beggars, taxi drivers, sellers, street bums. She bought from them, tipped them, and sympathized with them. “Firyal please don’t believe them they’re ripping you off” we would beg “shul 10 pounds bil nisbeh ili? Dinar o nos ? Bas addaish bi2asru b 7ayathom?” Our eyes would roll, her eyes would roll trying to explain to each other over and over our ideologies. Firyal will be Firyal and she will not change.

We wanted to go see Adel Imam play Body Guard or as Firyal inquired “AL body guard”, she wanted to Arabize it so that the guy on the phone would understand! We were laughing non stop. “Mar7aba bidna ni7gez la bukra masra7iyyet Al body guard”.

Firyal was the star of the trip especially when she slashed Nuha’s 7inna tattoo of 20 seconds of age by mistake : ) she kept apologizing which was hilarious for Nivene and I to see as Nuha got more and more angry “Nuha sorry 3an jad ba3millek wa7ad b 3amman” “Okay Firyal Khalas 3adi”Nuha would angrily insist : )

The trip was nice, definitely to be repeated but in a cooler weather, when I don’t have the flu and when it is agreed that political stuff are not to be discussed :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Michael Jackson the controversial artist

Being a girl in the Middle East, Michael Jackson was a legend to me growing up. Nothing topped him. O tab3an I don't know if you moms zay immi bas till yesterday she couldn't understand the reactions, appreciation and drama. To her Elvis o BAS :)

I don't want to go on and on about Michael the great talent, you've heard it all. I just want to share the phrases that moved me and gave me goose-bumps during the memorial speeches yesterday.
Berry Gordy:
"He raised the bar, and then broke the bar"
Brooke Shields: (to his kids)
"Your father was not strange, what he had to deal with was strange".
Martin Luther King III:

" My father said that in life one must discover what his calling is. Once
they do they must do their job so well that the
living, the dead
and the unborn
could do them no better"

I remember growing up in the 90s, we watched "Black or White" over and over and over with awe, I video taped his Pepsi (or Coca Cola was it?) commercial with Michael Jordan and watched with friends not believing how cool he is. We immitated his voice, we dressed like him in Halloween parties and tried to, as everyone, do the moonwalk.

It'll take a long time before another legend takes his place in people's hearts.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


It's amazing how a person can keep hanging on to the past. While everyone thinks that the person is out of the dark hole and moving on, yet, that person is still there, more hurt than ever.

During the past month I had a taste of these:

1. Getting over someone by going back to him

Driving in the car with her on the right.......
-Me: "Are you serious? You're going back to him?"
-She : "Don't you feel guilty to not get back with a person you know so well, to a person you got used to? I couldn't even think of being with anyone else. I think 1.5 years away is a good break and now it's time we get back together".

2. Getting over someone by running away
At the door, on the way out, picking up a bag I kept for him...........
-He: "I have to get out of this country, by hook or by crook, I have to before the end of the year."
-Me: "This is when she comes back from abroad, right?"
Long pause and a sad face........ -"right"

3. Not being able to get over someone
Going up the escalator at the mall........
-She: "I still can't get over him....... I think i don't want to."

-Me: "Time is the only healer, give it some time"

4. Afraid of going through the pain, again, of getting over someone
Sipping tea at her house........
-She: "If this doesn't work out then this is it! I don't know what I will do, I don't know how I can go on."

5. Getting over someone by finding someone else

Conversing over lunch..........

-She: "Well actually, there's someone new!And it might go faster than you guys expect"
-Me: "What? Really? How do you know that this time it's right?"-She: "Coz I've never felt like this about anyone before. I think this guy is 'The One' "
-Me: "Good for you for moving on, good for you"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Football my dream, football my life !

It's interesting how guys are just big boys.

Boys at 5 years of age --> play football
Girls at 5 years of age --> play with Barbies

Boys at 15 years of age --> play football
Girls at 15 years of age --> play with makeup and occasional prank calling

Boys at 25 years of age --> play football
Girls at 25 years of age --> play Pictionary, Sudoku, cards or bowling

Guys at the office love to play footbal. No matter how different the guys are, football brings them together!

I don't get it

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm not mean, I'm practical

You know what kills me in this society? The fact that you HAVE to do stuff;

Examle #1 I hate arou7 a3azzi (pay respects to the dead). I am a sentimental person although I seem mtamsi7a but I really don't find death surprising nor dramatic.

-Faheema*: "hey, keefek? Did you hear inno khal Muna passed away?"
-Me:"ah jad? Alla yir7amo"
-Faheema: "Aren't going to go pay respects"?
-Me thinking 'I hate a3azzi and wear black, I hate it I hate it. Muna? Tab I rarely see her' ....."Sure, what time?"

Biddi afham, why do I have to a3azzi every single person on earth? If you come to think of it, an average Jordanian has consoled a larger number of people than the number of people he went out with. I honestly have attended funerals more than weddings. When you're having fun you don't invite me but when you're in pain I must be there? La2 sorry!

I know it's a sign of respect, I know these people are happy to see me and I know that it's a sign of sympathy and support. I know all of that I just hate doing it! Please no one out there tell me the benefits and advantages of consolation because I heard it all.

To me going to a place where people are mourning a death is not exactly my idea of support. The problem is that people keep a record; "laish arou7 a3azzi, ma aja 3azzani b abouy" !!! ehhhh aish? Aish fee? Aren't you supposed to be in trauma and mourning?

The thing about deaths is that it comes sudden, whatever you have those 3 days you should clear out your schedule and fit it in. Not practical.

Example #2
-Dina*: "I'm heading towards the airport Sunday morning at 8:30"
-Me : "Oh cool so I'll see you Saturday night".
-Dina: "Or you can pass by Sunday at 8:00"
-Me: !! "OrI can pass by Saturday night! :) "
-Dina: "Sure whenever is suitable for you".
-Me: "Dina if I was in your situation, would you wake up to come see me at 8:00 AM?"
-Dina: "Of course I would"
-Me: "Why??!! Don't you think it's more practical to see me the night before? I mean if you got the 2 options wouldn't it just be easier on all humanity if you come the night before?"
-Dina: "Hmm maybe but I'd still wake up and come see you. I don't mind it I'm a morning person"
-Me: "Ok say you WERE NOT a morning person..."
-Dina: "Yeah, well, I'd still come at 8:00 AM"
-Me: "Ma a7qarni :(...... see you Sat night"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

House of Saddam

I'm not interested in politics and I don't engage in political conversations with anyone but I must say this documentary is really something....

BBC has done a great job in portraying Saddam's personal life. The 4 episodes are catchy, easy to watch and engaging. The thing that I liked about the production of the documentary is that most of the cast are real arab actors, instead of Indians that seem to resemble us according to the whole world except us! Zay Said in LOST, he's so Indian yet he's accepted by the west as the macho Iraqi guy.

Watching House of Saddam, you can relate to the English Arabic accent, the names are pronounced correctly and I could only spot very few mistakes in the setting.

I have no knowledge in the political facts of the series thus I don't know about the accuracy of the content but what I can say is that it is a very interesting documentary and a must see.

Bravo BBC

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Corporate world lingo

Below are phrases, words or abbreviations that exist in my corporate world. Where on earth do they get these from? The interesting thing is that these phrases are so contagious and can be picked up faster than gossip.

'Let's kill it'
Used when you want the other person to do the donkey work of a stupid project, initiative, request without ever wanting to hear about it again.
Used it twice today ;)

‘We need to look at this in a holistic view’
Used la ghayat il 3aret

‘I don’t want you to work in silos’
First time I heard it I was like “Huh? What does fermentation and biology have to do with this?”

‘Fair but not equal’
Used by HR when they want to inform employees in a diplomatic way that your colleague illi bishtghel ad nos ma btishtghel o birawwe7 ablak o bifhamsh yoktob email will be getting a higher raise than you ever will.

'Culturally un-aligned'
Not a member of our gang

‘Ra7 yiseer fee restructuring’
A good number of managers are going to be kicked out

Is it really? Is it honestly only for my information willa it means inno fee mseebeh jay 3ala il taree2 o bas ba7ib a7keelak innak khawa involved.

Meaning innak khozz o wala 3omrak ti7lam takhod promotion.

‘…..What do you think?’
Used when the sender was blamed for not sharing issues with the team. It really means that I’m thinking this way and if anyone has any objections better do the job himself.

‘…Please advise’ (tab3an always written advice which really doesn’t mean anything)
This really means FYA bas the sender is not from the same department as the recipient.

‘For further details please do not hesitate to contact me anytime’
…but if your question is stupid you’ll have to take the consequences.

‘Thank you for your cooperation’

‘Customer centric organization’
Charge the customer some fees for doing the job we’re supposed to do in the first place.

‘I am at your disposal’
Disposal? Seriously?! Come on I feel like trash

Hope this email finds you well’
3ashan illi jayeek halla2 sammet badan

'Shu ra2yek ni3mil kaza'
=Shu ra2yek ti3mili kaza

'Kindly note....'
hayna khabbarnakom 3ashan ma titfalsafu

'As per our conversation.....'
Used to confirm the message agreed upon, basically I don't trust you will stand up to your word....ya kazzab!

'As per your request'
I don't agree on the issue but this email is a blackmail tool.
Also could mean innak khozz
'To strengthen communication channels...'
Sender is blamed for working in 'silos'!

'From a strategic perspective.......'
Used to prepare the listeners that what is about to be said is too complicated for the common employee to comprehend........ losers

Don't you just love the corporate world? :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook nightmare

Yesterday I was standing next to a bunch of guys and girls who were talking. Next thing you know, girl said in these exact words, and i quote:

"la bamza7, tab3an 3indi facebook shu shayefni social mu3awwaqa?!"
no comment :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Episodes of my past month

1. Discussing the Egyptian cleaning man

-*Tima: "didn't you notice his eyebrows?"
-Me: "btimza7i!"
-Tima:"bi3mil 7awajbo!"
-Me: "La2, please ma t2olooli inno Fayyoumi gay!"
-Tima: "halla2 3rift keef btitla3 il isha3at bil shirkeh ":)

2. Office blabber I

My phone rings in the office

-*Samara: "Lara, ghayri rantek!"
Me thinking 'ghosbalek! shu dakhalek?'


-Me:" Aish sar b Chevening"?
-*Farida: "3milt il interview :)"

-Me: "cool:) tab o Maree7a?
-Farida: "bardo 3imlat il interview :)"

Me thinking 'hmmmm kul il mamlakeh 3imlat interview ma 3adai :S'

4. Office blabber II

My phone rings in the office
-*Samara: "Lara, ghayri rantek!"
Me thinking 'How about **** you!'

-Ignore mode on-

5. Longest 15 seconds

Waiting for the elevator -B1 to Floor 4
Creepy weird lady approaches me....

-*Manar: "Shu drastek?!!"
Me thinking "what the heck?! I've never spoken to this lady before...."Finance"
-Manar: "Wain? Jam3a Ordoniyyeh?"
-Me: "Ah"

Waiting.........'wain il zift?'

-Manar:"Ana darseh 3ilim ijtima3 min jam3it Bir Zeit"
-Me: ".....umm..... 7ilu"

Elevator opens, lucky me there's no one inside, now i have to get into a closed area, up 5 floors, with the creepy weird lady.... I know she's gonna say something crazy now and no witnesses would be there and no one would believe me!




Not a word........
3.............4 "Ching"

Me thinking 'Ghareeb! she didn't say anything.........Run Forest Run!'

Those were the longest 15 seconds of my life!

6. Office blabber III

-*Rula: "you know they say those who like kitkat are sexually frustrated!"
-*Nabil:"hehe 3am bit2oleeli willa 3am bit2ooli la 7alek? ana 3adi wad3i"
Me thinking: '3adi? o fakhoor b 7alak inno zalameh ya3ni? culture zbaleh 3ala shabab azbal. Abukom 3ala abu haik colleagues'

Sorry for the foul language, those who know me know that I'm not like that :)

*As always, names have been changed