Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weird things in plastic city

You don’t see these shots everyday
1. Fashion statement

Did he check out himself before he left the house? He must be put in prison, it's illegal to have that taste in clothes!

2. My 'yabyad yiswid' sink

Tab iza biddi mai fatreh shu asawwi??!

3. A 7 star hotel flaw

It seems the perfect fairy tale city is not so

perfect afterall. Serina remember this?

4.The hideous frog

How ugly is that! We put our keys there, thank God it has a purpose!

5. Ugly shoes

Don’t tell me there are uglier shoes than these. British shoes, what can I say.

6. Daimler Chrysler bins & chairs

Yes, Daimler Chrysler is too stingy to have decent trash bins. I’m so ashamed

7. My bathroom light

I'd have to pull to turn on. O marrat bi3lli2! 7orr howweh!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Year's Eve with old company

The panic ball has come to town! Farah arrived to Dubai to spend 4 days, half of which are with yours truly & the other half with her relatives.

Maybe not all of you know farah but she's a worry girl, she worries about everything.... 'Lara, will it get cold, shall I get a jacket? How will we cross the street if we stop here? I need to know where to go do my hair'. Ghair 3an il na3as il qatel wil na2 il mustammer inno bard.
Ma hee kanat shobe before she came!

Ya binit yihdeeki, yirdeeki, abadan musirra tkoon mama o act responsible! Ya3ni ya jama3a iza ana ba7ki 3anha haik! Her brother was here as well so we had a good time teasing her with her insecurities & panic attacks :)

But of course we had the best time ever........when she was awake!

She chose a good timing to come because we'd spend new year's eve together where we went to my friend's friend private party (yes 3indi s7ab min warakom!). We didn't know anyone of course but that's the best atmosphere to act stupid! No one bimsik 3alaik mamsak + the rule of "What happens il Dubai stays in Dubai". Eating, dancing & laughing all night long was just perfect.

Farah's brother has the hobby of ta3lee2at bil 3arabi ma3 illi ma bifhamu 3arabi, so as usual we got into a taxi & he was commenting on everything the poor Indian fella does & we were laughing our heads out. He'll be like : "ghasbalak shu ijrak saybe 3al benzene, yes straight ahead please! " That night we all were commenting in Arabic unfortunately, because when we were arriving to our destination the 'poor' fella said: "3al shmal? !" fa kulna fatta7na 3inaina & just shut our mouths........but Farah's brother couldn't keep quiet and said: "inta min awwal ma tli3na ma3ak o inta btifham 3arabi?" fa then we all burst our laughing. The driver didn't say anything, I bet he gets teased at everyday 100 times.

What did we learn from this? We learn that we only make fun of people with blond hair next time! :)

Here are some pictures of us.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

White Christmas!!??

It’s the first time in my life I’m celebrating Christmas in summery sunny weather. It’s quite nice, I must say, to see Christmas trees outside & wear light clothes but what would I do on Christmas eve & Christmas day in the plastic city with all my fellow trainees gone home for their Christmas break & having no one here but the sun & some clubs? No not clubbing abu shreek, I decided to join a fellow German trainee, Sufyan, who was tafran to go back home & decided to go touring the UAE!

Olt yalla touring touring. I don’t have anything better to do especially since Mishmisheh’s mom was visiting Dubai & Firyal was in Germany.
Wain biddo yiroo7 abul shabab? Al biddo yiroo7 “desert tour”!!

A Jordanian girl going on a desert tour in Dubai!
Not just any Jordanian girl…….me! illi bti2raf min khayalha wants to go ride on camels & get her clothes dirty with sand (ay wadi rum o faya3to ma baroo7 3alaih). Il ghorbeh bitzill :S

O ma kazzabt khabar we set off going to the middle of nowhere. We spent the whole day ana o Sufyan il tafran in the beautiful dunes & off-road driving which was really interesting especially when the driver\ tour guide\ advisor\ bargainer looks like this:

How did I trust that man I don’t know!

I pretended to be Lina & took loads of pics of nothing but piles of sand. Sufyan il tafran was fascinated by the camels & the beauty of the desert. Olt khtay balash akoon pooper fa I became fascinated as well & acted like a tourist saying “ohhh” “wow” “ahhh” & being so Japanese & took pictures of the silly camels.

Don’t tell me that isn’t dead funny!!

A night we went to a desert party with loads of food, shisha (argeeleh) & of course a belly dancer. Il 7ilu bil maodoo3 inno nothing is Arabic in this trip; the driver is Iranian, the organizers are German, the cooks are Indian (alla ykhalleelna iyyahom) wil ra22asa il ishta alla ywaffi2ha is Filipino!

What a weird Christmas eve that was!

Christmas day Sufyan il tafran & I went to the beach & spend a lovely day in the sun while talking with all of you guys on the phone in freezing Amman. At night we went to Christmas mass.

This Christmas of 2005 , I won’t forget.