Thursday, May 22, 2008

on being sensitive........

I hate being sensitive!

Being sensitive means any word can cause a thousand wounds in your heart.

1 wound can unleash one of the beasts inside of you.
There's a saying:

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me
this does not exist in my world.

Being sensitive means no control of self.
No self control means somebody else has that control.

I hate airports, I cannot control time over there.
Come to think of it, I never not wear my arm watch.
I need to be in control of my self.

When I forget my cell phone, a sense of pleasure arouses in me.
No one can control my every move.
I am my own queen. I move freely.

I always say anything takes 24 hours....a shock, a surprise, fan argument, facinating news, anything, it takes 24 hours to settle in.

In those 24 hours of vulnerability I hate myself.
I am susceptible to all kinds of feelings.
I can't control my mood in those 24 hours.

I might say things that I'd regret in those 24 hours.
Nothing can take these words back in those 24 hours.

No control what so ever.

Yes I'm a control freak.
If I have the chance to control everything around me I would do it in a heart-beat.

I flip out when cars drift off the street lanes.
Lane lines that are drawn perfectly on streets are meant to make cars exist in lanes.
I get a bit tense when roads don't have clear lanes.

But mostly I hate it when I'm sensitive :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

5 lies life had taught me.......

Life has taught me so many nice things about work, friendship, love and living but alas there are a few overrated sayings that should be reconsidered and revised.

These are the 5 lies life had taught me:

1. People change

I believe people do not change. An idiot will remain an idiot, sometimes a nice person can become an idiot but an idiot cannot be transformed to a nice person. A person will change under 2 conditions: if he really wants to, or if something makes him change.

2. Team results are always better than individual results

WRONG. This is a lie that has been carried on in the work place for centuries. I believe that individual work is way better than work done by a team. A person has no limits into perfecting his work. The only competition is thyself. All the great people in history are solos, composers, writers, leaders, rebels, artists, etc i could go on and on.

I want to sue those stupid HR brainwashers :P

3. What goes around comes around

Not until you make sure it does! A lot of people get away with things and nothing comes around, I know, trust me! I've been observing very carefully!

4. Faqed il shay2 la yu3teeh (you can't share what you didn't experience)

It's irrelevant. A person can be an orphan and be a great parent. Feelings like most things in life are not inhereted, they're inherent

And my favorite

5. Money cannot buy happiness

What a poor bitter person he who said that. Show me the money and I'll show you how happy i can be :D I think he meant "Money cannot ONLY buy happiness, it can buy all those other things too"!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Laish il sha3b il ordoni ma 3indo dwawo brake ! Ya3ni KEEF biddi a3raf inno ra7 ywa22if halla2. Shiklo i have to enroll in 'da2 il mandal' courses !