Sunday, June 01, 2014

7 lies our parents told me about guys and relationships

You know how our parents in feed us these concepts about guys, sex, relationships, dating, etc.... as if whatever applied in their time still applies now? Even in their time, I think it applied only in their country or the region, and they never stopped to think how we're growing up in a diverse world that the old rules don't apply anymore.

Here are the top 8:

  1. الشب بحب البنت الثقيله

seriously? inno being a Jordanian and being an Arab is by itself rigid, let alone being uneasy, which ends up me being a pain in the @$$. There's no guy willing to tolerate that given the vast amount of girls out there willing to be with him.

     2. Don't tell a guy that you like him, he'll lose interest
Emmm, no

     3. If a guy can get a girl to bed, he's not serious, he'll dump her and move on to the next girl
ahhhh that's why these guys are proposing to their girlfriends....... to show them that they're not serious.
Parents, different cultures view these issues differently

      4. All guys are after 1 thing
Tab o ni7na il banat aish? beings without needs?
Fine, let's stay home and wait for mr. Right to knock on the door

     5.  High school / university relationships don't last
Yeah coz relationships that start after that do?

     6. A guy who deserves you is a guy who would want to marry you.
Eventually yes, but how will he know that he wants to marry me if doesn't get to know me for a while?

    لازم الشب هو اللي يلحق وراكي .7     
 !Good luck with that   

The horrible truth is, yesterday's rules do not apply in today's world. If you find a guy that you like, you have to hold on to him with all your powers because nothing makes sense. There are no guarantees, no must dos and don'ts. Relationships are hard and sometimes unfair. We're all different with different ways of thinking and behavior. What we do today might not be what we will do tomorrow.
Just be yourself and let it be.