Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You can run but you can't hide.......from an isfeen

Getting lost in Lubban is one thing and getting lost in Wadi Rum is another thing, it’s called an isfeen!

When I was lost in my brand new 4x4 in Lubban I was with my friends back then, I knew we were in Amman, or close, and I was sure we’d get out of there. But going to Aqaba with work colleagues and then getting stuck with them in Rum is not that appealing.

The weirdest combination ever was on this trip to Aqaba, we had the above 50, the big baby, the singer, the lovers, the mothers, the spinsters, the open minded and not to forget, the boss.

I can’t really speak very openly about each member of the weird combination because my life would be threatened!!

Going to Aqaba was not really my idea of having a good time. You see people at work everyday I don’t need to see them also the whole weekend. This is why I took 2 days off after we came back :)

I decided I was going to have a good time and I did! Especially since Lina couldn’t make it and I was stuck with Reem- I know you’re reading that’s why I tease you- I had really minimal fun to acquire. On the way there the group was singing and dancing :S not my kind of having fun. But when we go there that night I sang at the Karaoke night and danced the night away. I had fun with people I never knew I could have fun with. People as Reem and I discussed later that week we perceived in a negative way but in reality they’re beautiful people.

Now to come to the isfeen part, one night we decided to go to Rum where there’s a party so yalla ya jama3a fee 3asha ! Everybody, surprisingly, joined. To make a long story short we go lost…………. yes in the desert, at night, and 3ammo il shufeir had no idea where we were. Not only il jahil 3atel but also lamma bus kbeer yigharriz that’s not a nice thing! We had to leave the sinking bus and pick ups came to pick us up. SIXTEEN people where on the pick up truck like some cheap merchandise! I really don’t know how we go to the camp site without getting stuck in the sand.

To continue il isfeen the party was over, there was no sign of entertainment there! We were even kicked out of the camp L Tbahdalna. Before we were kicked the electricity went out!

It was really interesting to see the different reactions on people’s faces when there was a possibility that we might stay there for the night! It shows who’s exposed who’s not, whose used to life’s pressures and who’s the wimp. The big baby was just being himself!

I was really upset because the camp head was so rude to us, I mean imagine if we were foreigners! I know for sure I wouldn’t think of camping in Rum ever again.

I was very inspired when I came back from this trip, it’s amazing how diverse people are.

We are all the same but different, we are all different but the same.


Sari said...

I can easily find a bunch of 2safeeeeeeen inside your article Lara :)

Anyway thanks god am only included in a couple of them!!

Lara said...

hey lubna i remember you, thanks for commenting