Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mansaf! Mansaf!

It's so weird how a Jordanian misses Mansaf the minute he gets out of Jordan!

Being in Dubai for 6 months now is actually a long time without Mansaf! Its ingredients are not as sophisticated as 'Cordon bleu' but its flavour is more than satisfying.

A few weeks ago I decided to go to the broadway SWAN LAKE show in the famous Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi with some friends, it was a hassle finding tickets but as expected the orchestra & the ballet dancers were worth every Dirham .... & those were many I must say.
Needless to mention that Abu Dhabi has a completely different style than Dubai & is just as beautiful.

After the show has ended, we were heading back to Dubai in the foggy weather- from humidity not from normal fog which is awful & needs a post by itself- we found Jabri! I yelled :'YAY JABRI let's go eat Mansaf!' Leila my fellow Jordanian friend, roommate & work colleague looked at me & said: 'oh my God Lara' .

How did she expect me to resist that yellow sign? (The chefs & owner are Egyptian ma ikhtalafna bas bardo it's still Mansaf!) To make a long story short we ate Mansaf at 12.00 in the morning & it was great :) Of course naheeka 3an inno lazem to share nuktet il Mansaf everytime I eat it.

What a weird combination of events, mansaf & ballet!

Lesson of the day:

You don't know the value of Mansaf............YOU DON'T!

Enjoy the pictures


Maike said...

Hey Lara, the pics from Abu Dhabi look great and it must have been a great show :) Here it's so fucking cold, no summer weather at the beginning of June in Germany :( Take care ... yours Maike

قويدر said...

Mansaf keeps coming popping out on everyone's blog, and I keep sending this link
Mansaf is our life ;-)

Enjoy :D>الأبداع في .... المــــــنـــــســـــــف

Omernos said...

Neyyalekk! At least intee f balad 3arabee you'd find this stuff! Ma3 inno mush WOW mansaff Jabri, bass as you's still called MANSAF! LOL

Hoan b London ya doab, bass ashoof Labaneh walla 5obez 3arabi bakayyef, fa ma balekk ashoof MANSAFF! LOL

Lovely photos,
you look seriously happy... Twinkle in your eyes! Eating MANSAFF! hehehe
*bears a grudge*
I hope you don't suffocate! Men 3einy!


Killer Bee Bop said...

Was that with the original Tchaikovsky suite or some other version?


Lara said...

Guys check out my old posts, I think you'll like them Omar ;)

Kwaider: your real mansaf pictures made me feel worse :S hay il mansaf willa balash

Omernos it's ok, haik bidal il mansaf ilo eemto, ya3ni ma a7lah o howweh bi london 3ind Trafalgar's square 3al zawyeh!

Killer: man you are a killer(your comments on lina's blog)& yes it was the ORIGINAL TCHAICOFSKY'S show, sorry dude

Abu &amarneh said...

Hey,,, Lara,,,

Same here,,, 5 months in Dubai and iv been through mansaf problem before,,

and im just about to do something really good, (unless you are leaving dubai)

here is the number of a Jordanian restuarant called Rawabeena, its in dubai, free delivery, and mansaf is served everyday,,, 04-2287944

about the fog,,, check out my blog

Abu 7amarneh said...

e7m,,, its Abu 7amarneh not Abu &amarneh,,,


قويدر said...

Wallah ya Lara, you're welcome 3ala a7la Mansaf.

Almost every Jordanina blog has the word Mansaf in it, I guess it's something that is near and dear to our hearts :)

Killer Bee Bop said...

Am I? I think I'm just the Bee Bop. :P

Just figured, you're that girl from Crossroads, right? Well, not a bad performance, but don't take acting seriously please. :P

That's not the first I mention this, but I think Manaf is sooo overrated! :O

Samir said...

Hi Lara!

I had just discovered your blog! although it's been up for months. I'll be coming back often.

Just wanted to say hello, hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I have no clue how can you think of mansaf while there is the Swan Lake! Isn't ballet the most incredible thing mankind ever made!
what is mansaf compared to the continuous practice of those ballerinas

Yousef Eqtait said...
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Lara said...

Thanks Yousef, sorry for the late reply. Well I've been out of Dubai for a while now so I only know Jabri in Abu Dhabi:)