Thursday, May 25, 2006

7iwar 3an sira3 il 7adarat

* Before you read note: The below post does not reflect the writer's opinion nor it is addressed to any citizen carrying any implications. It is an observation.

Being part of a automotive company it's normal to have a test drive for cars. We had a Jeep Commander training which means that sales people from our Jeep distributors all over the middle east come to the training. The training has theoretical & actual driving of the Jeep fa ni7na il khzooz il trainees sit in the car o every 20 minutes the drivers change the car & go to another Jeep model.

Il muhizz ana olt how will I optimize this situation of just sitting there all day driving long through the desert……..? I’ll talk & observe people.

A7la ishi bil maodoo3 inno kanu mu3zamhom 3arab from different countries so it was very interesting talking to them o ya3ni aznakh wa7ad kul ras malha 20 min o bikish.

Tab3an whenever Arabs meet aish il mawdoo3 il shaghel 7ayathom? Il awda3 il siyasiyyeh wil iqtisadiyyeh……….

So the first group was a Syrian guy Samer(lak laylaaaaaaaaaaaa) & a Moroccan guy……what a combination, I know, fa tab3an shu ghalaaaza, they’ve been living in Dubai for a while o they were telling me how cool it is to live here & that I should stay & live here.
Halla2 what is funny is that typically enough the Syrian blames Lebanon for all Syria’s disasters & vice versa

Samer : "Lak wainna halla o wainna zaman ya3ni ma kan 7ada yi7lam yistawred sayyara 3a wa2t *7azem il Nimir, lak hada Ammar kan doctor la min timmo wala min kimmo aju aalulo biddak tseer ra2ees ba3ad ma akhook Basem mat………….."

Me: "tab in Morocco how is the situation?"

Zini (the dude) laughing : "kl il awthe3 b kl il bled il 3arabiyya nafs il shay bas basma3 il ordon kteer mi7lawwa o mitqadma…….."

O ana ma kazzabt khabar o nzilit bil dead sea salts wil Petra, nafs il ostwaneh tab3it Ayyoub! ;)


A Lebanese guy Najeeb o an Egyptian man, what else other than ..............Mohammed!

Tab3an 7iwar il 7adarat istamar……

Najeeb: "la22a ya khayee ni7na (il 3arab) illi 3inna kilshi, shuf maadeena, shuf il 7adara shu 3andon hinneh, ma killon gays o lesbians o hal araf hayda, ma 3indon she. Ni7na illi 3inna il tereekh wil sakafeh ……."

Mohd: "bas ya na(J)eeb buss 7awaleik lai kulli dah? Dah fi3lan istinzaf lal amwal il 3arabiyyah, lai kull il israf dah? Kullo abrag o binayat laih? O le aimta? O 7ayfeed eh?"

Najeeb: "la22a ma3leh intibih howni shwe (shwai) hole (these) il abraj ‘symbole’ ( symbol but read it in a French accent, ya3ni lezem ykoonu mawjoodeen 3ashan il 3alam ti3raf 3anna."

Mohd : "ya3ni lai ya Na(j)eeb ma nkoon dawla musanni3a? lai ma nistaghil il amwal lil sina3a o nfeed il balad."

Najeeb: "La2a ya khayye ni7na ma bninfa3 lal sina3a",

………………wila aja il mawdoo3 ma ghairo

Najeeb: "Kanat lebnan janneh bas il khair b jeeranna il suriyyeh , hunneh khalloo she min sharron, kil ma fe mashkal bikoonu hinneh warah o bitloomi kil il lebnaniyyeh lamma bhajru? Shufi kam lebnani fee barra il balad, lei baddon yirja3u o 3ashan shu? Kil ma bnimshi khatweh la iddam bnirja3 10 la wara………………
………….. il awda3 b kil il bled il 3arabiyye nafs il she ya3ni 3andkon b Maser min bayn 70 malion mish le2yeen wa7ad ghair mbarak …………"(hona ghalitit o d7ikit) "walla shu ya3ni intu bil ordon a7san ma nafs il model ma mle2yeen 7ada o kullo bwarrit (biwarreth il 7okom)
hona ana olt: "la2 bas ni7na officially kingdom fa it’s normal to have the sons to rein".

Unfortunately here the 20 min finished, nice guys


Another Egyptian who’s been living in Kuwait for ever & another Lebanese, min il jabal, ma tili3 min lebnan b 7ayato ghair when he moved to Kuwait since 2 years o here to Dubai……….

Samer: "ya3ni il kill bi2ool DUbay DUbay DUbay ma shayef fiyya she hal DUbay, eh mazbout ma ri7it blad kteer ( or none I wanted to say) bas ya3ni fe bil Kwait ashya a7la min hone b meet marra, mish inni maghroom bil Kuwait la fare2 ma3i la hone wala il kwait bas ya3ni manni shayef hal ‘big deal’ b DUbay……………Dakhleeek fe clubbat kharj ra2es…… ?"

Awwal ishi 3irif meen yis2al ;) tani ishi we were testing the cars in jabal 3ali, for those who know jabal 3ali, ya3ni il mushkileh he didn’t see DUbay aslan 3ashan yi2ul!

The Egyptian kan mlakhbet il accent, it’s not Egyptian wala Kuwaiti wala Lebanese wala ishi! Faqid hawiyto il akh

That day was a really interesting day for me, a lot more people shared their ideas about what should & shouldn’t be but it was at the end of the day very funny.


Omernos said...

Oh my I laughed out so hard, and I made images of each charachter! HAAHAHAHA -- Ta7sheeeeesh! I'm seriously loving your blog. Thanks goes to Lina! :D


Lara said...

Thanks omar for all your comments. I'm happy to make ppl laugh ;)

Actually there's a part that's deleted about the Jordanian group, I couldn't fix kan binroo7 b sitteen dahyeh!

Reem said...

Lara, that is a nice blog. Why didnt we know about it earlier? anyways, you loose. I wouldn't have time to read all posts!

Firas said...

Hey Lara!

Well done!Your blog is just amazing!Your words your way of describing things is really amusing!

And way to go girl! It's refreshing to see some Ammani girl who loves Mansaf,think straight (that Dubai is over rated), and aint nagging or complaning about every single thing! Simply enjoying your time and life!

Keep blogging or else!Yeah and please don't blog in English or Arabic, ur writing is just great!

"El muhizz" keep it up!

Leesh delete?E7ki e7ki la takhfe :)

ABOUD said...

Thant was soooooooo funny.
The cartoon, the way you wrote what everyone said and the way you described the details (DUbay).

Just give us some hints on the Jordanian please?

Anonymous said...

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