Friday, July 14, 2006

No place like home

It's been ages since I last blogged but living in Dubai then moving back to Jordan is not as easy as it sounds. I left Dubai 2 weeks ago not knowing if I'll ever go back there again. I didn't even finsh unpacking completely but I made sure that my room is filled with posters, pictures of friends & souvenirs to remind me of Dubai as much as possible.

I prepared myself for a cultural shock when I got back but suprisingly enough I didn't ! I'm shocked coz I'm not shocked!

Looking back after spending 7 months in Dubai i can say that

Dubai is like an entertainment park, you can never get on all the rides

Jordan has a character, aish bil zabt I can't describe but it's interesting how you notice things you never noticed before.

Indications that you are in Jordan:

1. Il 7ofar bil shaware3 zay il mar7aba
2. All greetings are "Hi keefek/ keefak?"
3. If you forgot something in a public place ra7at 3alaik
4. Everybody stares........especially at traffic lights. If they're not staring they're honking their horn
5. Everyone is talking on their mobile phones.........bti3rafu they're discussing critical issues
6. You have to manage with 5 cafes, 5 restaurants & almost all of them don't have a view
7. Most prominant conversations are: Marriage, Politics, & Hayfa Wahbi !
8. Food is the main reason for going out!
9. Most conversations end with : "isma3i lazem ni3mil ishi" or "lazem ndabber tal3a"
10. Arranging a day trip takes so much effort, you plan for 2 weeks then btitfarkash akher d2ee2a
11. Everybody is 'mashghool fadi'

12. Everyone asks you when you're getting married.
13. The world cup beeji ba3id Alla wil watan wil malik. When winning we celebrate & cheer as if it's our country winning, if we lose allah la ywarjeekom!
14. All the people look, dress & talk the same
15. Everybody is an expert when it comes to analyzing political issues
16. In summer, everybody either gets married or engaged.

I could go on & on...

When you leaves and comes back you really appreciate the country. Especially since I got the chance to visit some cities outside Amman. The little things have a flavour now. It's great to leave the nest & fly on your own & it's greater to come back & try to benefit the others. That's why I came back, I can't leave Amman. I'm excited to share my experience and better yet happy to be back with my people.

I miss Dubai but I miss more the simplicity of Jordan & Jordanians.

No place like home :)