Saturday, March 01, 2008


Jordan, here's the deal! you gotta stop pronouncing words they way you see fit!

this word is INITIATIVE is it pronounced [i-nish-ee-uh-tiv] as per the world's dictionaries and not ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetiative ok? it's like "diminished" and "intimidating" not as "demeaning" and "revealing".

It just bugs me how literate, educated, well rounded people pronounce English words. I'll be in a managers' meeting willa bitnott wa7deh darseh b ibsar wain b USA bit2ool kilmeh ghareebeh, ana banjan bakoon biddi awa22if kul il meeting "stopppppppppppppppppppp..................aishhhhhhhhhhh??????????"

Consequence is [kon-si-kwens] o ma 3omorha kanat conseeeeeeeeeeeequence!
ya bay shu sarli sneen biddi a2ool hada il 7aki o mish 3am teeji fursa.
Connection, IT support, commitment do not have a SHADDEH! you do not stress the 'n', 'p' or the 'm'. Con-nection?! ma32ool ya3ni? it's smoother guys, it's like having 1 n :)

Ba3dain fe kaman mseebeh : "Version" vs. "Virgin" (bala mu2akathe ya3ni) and "Usual"

"usual" is [yoo-zhoo-uhl] in the pronunciation key mish ya3ni uJual! wala ya3ni uGual, it's usual zay ma bit2oolu "mazaji"!

Version as in the American version, my version of the story or new version is like "usual" = verjen, bas Virgin Megastores is VirGin.

Please use words wisely, it is really not professional to be in a board meeting saying : we have acquired the updated IT suP-Port systems including the new Virgin!

Ahhhh :) I feel better now that I got it all out.


Lina said...

el muhim tkouni erta7ti halla :)

Lara said...

Hehe yeah :) any of these words sound familiar to you lina? :)

mots sur un mur silencieux said...

ya wabbbeeee:)