Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 things I love about you Jordan

On honoring Jordan today March the 12th here are the 10 things I love about you:

1. Mansaf Mansaf Mansaf :)
2. The unique smell of construction in Jordan air
3. The irrisistability of females by Jordanian police
4. The funny and irrelevant flirting phrases such as "yil3an 3omri" !
5. The ridiculous cheesiness of being extra friendly with tourists.
6. How Jordan has the best weather in summer.
7. How Jordanians love to eat mana2eesh on Friday mornings.
8. How comfortable driving is on Fridays.
9. The simplicity of some people.
10. The fact that I consider it my home :)

God bless Jordan


Qwaider قويدر said...

OH WOW!!! This is an awesome list!

God bless Jordan

Qabbani said...

yeah yeah MANSSAF ... aaaaaaaaaah i ADORE IT

Anonymous said...

I have some comments on your ten things:
1. Bread, Rice with grease, Jameed, Local lamp meat(La7em Baladi)=leyyeh and dehen and the golden two fingers :) let’s get fatter but I respect :)
2. Pollution
3. Cheap corrupted police
4. 7afartaleh, those were your own words
5. Everyone wants to migrate to the USA
6. Italy, Spain, Greece and of course Yugoslavia :)…etc. where did these go?
7. No comment, Personal opinion
8. What about other days, we don’t deserve it?
9. Which can drive you nuts
10. Again No comment
I can go on and on, I should’ve wrote that book :)

Lara said...

Rakan Rakan Rakan.......well let's see through ur list :)

1. You respect bas? Alla yir7am ayyam: "Lara, tara il yome ghadaki 3indana" :)
2. No it's not pollution, it has character....... bil zabt zay il nas illi bidakhnu...... it's pollution bas they have character :)
3. You're just jealous because I get away with it and you don't :P
4.I never say "7afartaleh"... I say "7aftaleh" :) big difference
5. No not everyone, hay ana I want to migrate to Dubai !
6. Yugoslavia goltilli? Ba3ed ma tjadded jawazak irja3li
7. no comment coz mish 3aref tla2i ishi to bash me with :P
8. Inta bilzat you don't
9. Dayman being sweet with you doesn't pay off
10. Lol since the day I met you you've been wanting to write that book!

Don't mess with me dude :)

Keep checking my blog and post your comments :)

Anonymous said...

1. Its funny, isn't it?
2. Its pollution, people in Mexico City thought the same thing 40 years ago, look at them now, and they have the same situation Amman has, surrounded by hills and way above sea level. And you're contradicting yourself, Amman not pollution and character, smoker’s pollution and character???
3. With female police officers I do :)
4. No, it was 7afartaleh, and you said it to your best friend, the girl that sits next to you at work plus 7aftaleh and 7afartaleh are the same.
5. Most people in Jordan dream about migrating somewhere day & night
6. Soon dear, soon :)
7. No, no comments cause it's your own personal opinion.
8. Why? :(
9. The fake smile, the twisted voice tone and the weird attitude. Oh Please spare me from that
10. I have the time now, I think I will :)
I’m only stating facts :)

Lara said...

Ya seedi your facts are appreciated :) .........7sabak ba3dain and by the way khalli il women police yinfa3uk :)