Friday, April 11, 2008

Venus and Mars will never meet

There are things in life you just accept, like the mystery that you were born to a certain family and not another, the fact that there will always be idiots and the hurtful truth that you cannot heal the world. Along with those givens there is also a fact, which I recently gave in to, is that Venus and Mars will never meet.

No matter how much I try to understand guys I shall never hit home run. The more I try to understand them the more I find out that they don't make sense! I talk to my male friends discussing certain topics trying to figure out how these creatures operate but I fail everytime!

What is it with guys?! Is there a manual so that I could understand how they operate?

I fail not because I'm unable to put 2 and 2 together and my IQ is low, I fail because these creatures are incomprehensible. They can be amazing sometimes and other times they can be amazingly weird.

What is it with guys and their obsession with girls?? They are just insatiable! Blonds, redheads, brunettes, anything with female figures!

They get frustrated if we ask them some detail about their past but need to know our every move during the day.

An interesting theory I have noticed is that guys categorize females in their lives:

Their moms are the best female in the world. These come on top of the pyramid.

Their sisters are their reputation, the more low profile they keep them the better :)

Their female friends are their buddies, homies, confidence, anything but what they desire to have as a girl friend :) If you notice, your shilleh guy friends would have a certain type of female friends but would have a completely different style for a girl friend. It's like each type has a use.

When it comes to having a wife, their 7 year girlfriend could never do the job. They want a wife having the low profile of their sisters but surely more attractive, they want her less playful than their ex-es and definitely less opinionated than their shilleh friends. Similar to their mothers? No way because those are just perfect and no one could ever be like mommy.

What is it with guys and their constant need to be reminded that they are great?

Guys, you are great (mish kulkom), get over it, move on. Women have proved that they can do all that and more!! At the same time! ;)

"Could you walk and talk at the same time"?
Alla yirda 3alaiha Beyonce, she makes me smile everytime I hear those lyrics in her "irreplaceable" song.

Guys no offence from the post, I still think you are awesome & cool :) You make the best singers, artists, composers, musicians, sports players, and friends.

You're just weird............


Anonymous said...

Batata :) does that apply to me? :P

Lara said...

Which part of the post? The ' you're weird' part ? Definitely !

Anonymous said...

Batata, I can help you learn more about us the Martians :D just ask me and I’ll explain it to you in a pure scientific way, it’s easy and logical we’re very simple creatures :D

whatever said...

Ummm... funny, why do females keep trying to remind males that they can do better.... very interesting,
guys are mostly idiots, girls are mostly idiots, cause humans are mostly idiots.

M.ispeer said...

Well, abu shreek i hope u read me cause i am a little bit late, i have no comments on ur artickle, i just wanna say that u do crack me up girl, u r da best i swear hehehhe....and yeah guys are weired...bas trust me girls are have their own flaws, thats what makes them perfect for each other...wo zai ma 7aka el mathal, la kol gam7a msawse fe kayyal a3war...adios mi amiga