Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8 things that bug me in Ammani community

1. How DJs on radios talk in an American accent.

Inhom cool! Ba7rain becomes Barain, cozmo becomes CAzmo and ninety nine becomes niney nine!
bakoon biddi akob 7ali min il sayyara when i hear them. bas the new move now is Bri2ish! One of the new radio stations is 'spot on' with their accent

2. How weddings are overrated; flying to the dead sea wedding location by a private jet, entering the wedding hall in a car, and having the make up artist and hair dresser fly in from Lebanon!

Shower parties drive me crazy as well.......... how many prewedding parties do you have to have?!

3. The not-at-all-necessary obsession with facebook : "Lara, khalas lazem ti3mali facebook".

You know what? I don't care what everybody's status is, i don't care what pictures you have uploaded or if an electronic machine reminds you of my birthday. Please spare me the :"Faroo0007 yesterday was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing" !!!

4. How all coincidental meet ups end with

a fake: "isma3i, lazem ni3mil ishi"!

Law kan biddek ni3mil ishi you would've called me a thousand years ago ;)

5. How everybody is too dependant on their cell phones. The minute they walk into a restaurant they'd be like:"wainkom?" ! You know, if you'd walk 3 more steps you would find your 10 friends on a table!

6. How drivers think they have the right of the road if they have an E-Class and above.

7. How the name Faisal became FAYsal all of a sudden!

8. How kul 7ada 'mish taye2 il balad'


Rami said...

Great post…I had a comment about facebook.
I attended a graduation ceremony in Oxford last weekend, the Keynote speaker was Cisco`s UK manager and he gave a great speech.
He talked about the natural progression of communication and technology and his feeling was that social networking like facebook ,MySpace…etc are here to stay …he compared it to cell phones when they became affordable and how many people thought that they would be able to manage without but eventually were not able to.
Social networking is a form of communication and like regular mail, telephones, emails it can be of great value if used properly but it can be a cause of pain and frustration if abused.
Thanks again for the nice post.

Lara said...

thanks Rami for your comment, it seems i'll see you on facebook when i finally give in:) and may i say Oxford :) nice, congrats and good job

Rami said...

It wasnt my graduation ,I was just a guest...thank you

Anonymous said...

you forgot to say that Faisal became Faysal back in 1998, and everyone started using hands antiseptic on that year too :)

Deema said...

Hey Lara.. Well.. i laughed and agreed on every thing that bugged you bout Amman.. but i just have a comment.. Faisal or as you'd like to write it Faysal.. its the propper way of saying the name. so.. plz don't diss.. just luv:P

Reem said...

I will Have to agree with Deema... FaYsal, Is actually the propper way of pronouncing the name.. it's how i ponounce it ever since i learnt to speak!!!
Other than that.. thats a funny post,, and i pretty agree with all what you said!

Don Alfredo said...

so, after a year and a so from the date of this blog, when did you finally give in to FB?

Lara said...

hehe still standing Don Alfredo