Thursday, May 21, 2009

Football my dream, football my life !

It's interesting how guys are just big boys.

Boys at 5 years of age --> play football
Girls at 5 years of age --> play with Barbies

Boys at 15 years of age --> play football
Girls at 15 years of age --> play with makeup and occasional prank calling

Boys at 25 years of age --> play football
Girls at 25 years of age --> play Pictionary, Sudoku, cards or bowling

Guys at the office love to play footbal. No matter how different the guys are, football brings them together!

I don't get it


Led Zeppelin said...

you still don't get it?
the boy inside just never grows up,it is hardwired inside every man no matter how old he gets.
that's why sports,any engine that goes varoom and guns just to mention a few, gets the same reaction from a little kid as it would in an old man.

whenever a firetruck passes by,I find myself stopping and staring at it..the ladder n shape and flashing lights..not to mention the deep honk sound, my 1 year old nephew does the same!

Anonymous said...

Hey Larita,

You know I'm in Berlin now, there's nothing that I really wanted to do since I came here except finding a Spanish bar to watch the UEFA championship final, I'm still reacting to Barcelona's matches the same way I used to 9 years ago during the O-level external exams :).

By the way, girls at 25 have much more interesting games than the ones you just mentioned... said...

haik bedna nez3al men ba3ad, wo bedeesh hal so7be wo teejesh bel football, wo ana 3omre 9 sneen wo mokhee khozog...

Dude, ya3ne we never had a major disagreement, but this will ruin the picture...mish taygek

Abdelfattah said...

i don't like football, so you can say that not all guys like it, especially the ones at work :-)

If the ananymous is who I think "MB" I will skin him alive once I see him! Bedawer 3ala spanish bar gal???

Tareq said...

This is because we are born, MATUTRE :P