Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm not mean, I'm practical

You know what kills me in this society? The fact that you HAVE to do stuff;

Examle #1 I hate arou7 a3azzi (pay respects to the dead). I am a sentimental person although I seem mtamsi7a but I really don't find death surprising nor dramatic.

-Faheema*: "hey, keefek? Did you hear inno khal Muna passed away?"
-Me:"ah jad? Alla yir7amo"
-Faheema: "Aren't going to go pay respects"?
-Me thinking 'I hate a3azzi and wear black, I hate it I hate it. Muna? Tab I rarely see her' ....."Sure, what time?"

Biddi afham, why do I have to a3azzi every single person on earth? If you come to think of it, an average Jordanian has consoled a larger number of people than the number of people he went out with. I honestly have attended funerals more than weddings. When you're having fun you don't invite me but when you're in pain I must be there? La2 sorry!

I know it's a sign of respect, I know these people are happy to see me and I know that it's a sign of sympathy and support. I know all of that I just hate doing it! Please no one out there tell me the benefits and advantages of consolation because I heard it all.

To me going to a place where people are mourning a death is not exactly my idea of support. The problem is that people keep a record; "laish arou7 a3azzi, ma aja 3azzani b abouy" !!! ehhhh aish? Aish fee? Aren't you supposed to be in trauma and mourning?

The thing about deaths is that it comes sudden, whatever you have those 3 days you should clear out your schedule and fit it in. Not practical.

Example #2
-Dina*: "I'm heading towards the airport Sunday morning at 8:30"
-Me : "Oh cool so I'll see you Saturday night".
-Dina: "Or you can pass by Sunday at 8:00"
-Me: !! "OrI can pass by Saturday night! :) "
-Dina: "Sure whenever is suitable for you".
-Me: "Dina if I was in your situation, would you wake up to come see me at 8:00 AM?"
-Dina: "Of course I would"
-Me: "Why??!! Don't you think it's more practical to see me the night before? I mean if you got the 2 options wouldn't it just be easier on all humanity if you come the night before?"
-Dina: "Hmm maybe but I'd still wake up and come see you. I don't mind it I'm a morning person"
-Me: "Ok say you WERE NOT a morning person..."
-Dina: "Yeah, well, I'd still come at 8:00 AM"
-Me: "Ma a7qarni :(...... see you Sat night"


Led Zeppelin said...

nope ur not mean,and most ppl got your same thinking, who likes to go y3zao? no one..and who the hell goes ywad3o their friends up in the morning abel ma ysafro? dude ur friends wadi3hom 1930z. "I'm a retro guy myself so I can't say wadi3hom 70z I'd have to put em way in da past".

about being single and not finding right guys, let me give you a hint, check ur virtual life and u'll find a great guy near by..yeah I don't usually compliment myself..but what can I do,its all facts!

Tk7 said...

you are mean... and I am not sure how did you relate your post to practicality!

anyway neyyalek be your site visitors :P

yes i am mean sometimes as well :D said...

I feel the same as well, i didn't go to my gramma's funeral, yet i go when some of my friend's relative passes, i mean what the heck, i hate it.

Abdelfattah said...

the answer to your question as I believe:
If you only care for what you feel, then it's up for you to decide.

If you care how people around you feel, then you have to be careful.

Ala'a Abu Arida said...

you are mean.

Anonymous said...

What necessary words... super, a remarkable idea