Saturday, May 15, 2010

nO Beach

Jordan: please when you want to say that something is nice don't exaggerate. don't make it sound like heaven on earth. Coz it's not.

My friends and I went last week to O Beach after hearing so much about how cool it is.
When we were on our way there olna hada howweh! We're gonna see God's gift to Jordan :)

We went to the place expecting something special where in fact it was small, with 1 VIP pool (that doesn't really fit all those VIPs) and 2 smaller standard pools that we cannot, and I repeat, cannot sit on its sides.

Now this would be understandable if the pool was deep and made for swimming, thus sitting on the edges is inconvenient. But no, the pools are not deep enough, not encouraging for swimming and not plenty enough.

The cabanas (oddly are not near the beach) are way too small with no pools! When we asked, they said that cabana members have access to all pools!! ok! Whatever!

Tayyeb it was time now to go to the beach, put some mud and float in the amazing dead sea water. "ehhh srry mafi beach"

"Excuse me!?"
This place has NO BEACH! yes it's still not open! Tab why would i go to a pool at the Dead
Sea?? We have plenty of pools in Amman.

"Tab 3afwan fee Dead Sea pool iza bit7ibbu" ! Basically a pool with dead sea water

"Emm la2 ma3lish we'd rather have the real thing"

This place has no theme, no apparent style, no good music. But I know why people love it. It's a great place to show off, you don't need to swim you just lay there and look good. This is what ahel 3amman love, yu23odu o yitfarraju.

But to be fair, the service was very good and customer care was as well. They returned our money and we spent the day at a hotel where we had loads of fun.

And being in the marketing field I must admit that their marketing campaign was great.

nO Beach....... Totally OH!rdinary


Led Zeppelin said...

yalla 3al O..we're the O ppl...bah

you hit it right on the spot!
as you know it isn't really about the facilities and attractions. While you go there to have fun and enjoy the dead sea,the vast majority of ppl go there for show off "tashbee7"..and the O delivers them exactly what they want specially with its expensive fees for everything..

Chicks will go there to sit and look pretty showing off their high end other girls mind you and not for guys,as you know we guys know nothing about it,as it's not what we care about..
Families will go there,pushing their financial limits..just to say that they spent the weekend at the O..

and I still strive for a refreshing,clean and fun beach,that is directed at the average ppl and that would encourage a better mentality and definition of good times and beach entertainment.

Lara said...

Led you are right, especially on the part that girls show off to other girls because guys don't care if clothes go together or if they're the latest fashion.

I forgot to mention that for the basic fee you don't get a towel! you can pay JD5 and borrow a towel and return it and get back JD2