Sunday, May 23, 2010

You know you're a LOST fan when.....

1. You, as an Arab, start confusing Iraqis for Iranians and Pakistanis

2. You stop waxing. Kate looks fine, she’s been on the island for months

3. You never take the plane from Sydney to Los Angeles

4. You call fog ‘black smoke’

5. You refuse to skip episodes even if someone gives the full details of the episode

6. You start wondering about your parallel life

7. You start running away at bbqs once the fire catches on

8. You start calling people you don’t like “The Others”

9. You sound stupid if you try to explain Lost to non fans

10. The idea of taking a vacation to an island is not very appealing

11. Whenever you see a stop-watch or a digital counter you start yelling “What’s the code? What’s the code? ”

12. You gather a group of friends and send your CVs to

13. You automatically classify Lost fans as smart people

14. Hammoudeh DVD mish mla77e2 3alaik, you’re there every Wednesday afternoon demanding the latest episode

15. During thunder storms you check date and time after each lightening flash

16. Whenever you go on holiday you check expedia for submarine return tickets just in case.

I’ve never mentioned this before but I LOVE LOST. Thanks to my friend Rami who helped me with the funnier part of the list :)
Please add yours

I can't wait for tonight's season finale :) I'm going to have a void in my life when it is finished :(
I hope we'll win the Emmys


Nora said...

i'd kill to get on the island! It means im on the list!!!

Led Zeppelin said...

-whenever you have an encounter with a stranger you smile and say "I'll see you in another life brotha!"

-after watching the finale, u go out seeking to casually touch any woman's hand,then u grab her,stare in her eyes and try to kiss her..

great show! messed up ending!! I honestly believe they didn't know how to end it, it was all about the character development,events and action..but when it came down to put a satisfying conclusion they failed.