Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zay Share3 il Wakalat

I was vacationing in Paris last month (oo la la ar7am 7ali) when I realized that the Champs Elysees is so overrated. In fact it’s not too different than Wakalat Street in Sweifiye!
 Let’s see:

 Both have cafes next to the main road

 Both have cafes offering Argeeleh!! Yes shocking I know :S

 Both are full of Gulfies

 Both have Etam and Benetton stores

 Both have people doing nothing just staring at pedestrians for a long time

 During world cup, you find Arabs in their cars, carrying flags, honking and shouting for no reason

 Both streets are dirty, 7atta Walakat street has more garbage bins

Care to share more, anyone?

However, I must say Paris is the city of lights and magical in a way but also outside paris is very nice and worth the visit.


M.Ispeer said...

I say zai sagf el sail...sho dude mesh la hal daraje...i mean there are some common attributes, but that is not what define a street...i say big difference, like ants and elephants...

Like tejara wo 3olom ejtema3eyye wo ensaneyye heheheh

Lara said...

dude! aish malak!
ba3dain you say big difference you make ur own blog lol
la2 joking bas you know lazem yikoon fee 3onsor il mubalagha li ghayat il sa7afe wa ijtithab il qurra2 :D

M.Ispeer said...

hehehe, lsn if so khalas from now on, we are hanging everyday in Wekalat street...since its just like the Champs Elysees, we might catch some of those french chicks walking around...

I know enek bedek tejthebe el qurra2 el a3ezza2, wo t7afthe 3ala reda2hom...bas kheffe shwai 3alaina...

Btw, how was the tejara VS 3olom ejtema3eyye comparison, dead on sa7...heheheh

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

good post , minus the "mubalagha li ghayat il sa7afe wa ijtithab il qurra2 " (joke)