Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pink Fig episode

Ring Ring.....

Pink Fig: "Blue Fig hello"

Me: "Hi, can I reserve a table for 5 for Tuesday?

Pink Fig: "hmmmm for Tuesday......... tab shu ra2yek ti7ki bukra 3ashan ti7jizi la Tuesday? "

Me thinking ' shu ra2yak la2?'
Me: "ehhh laish?"

Pink Fig: "ni7na bni7jiz la yomain 3ashan 3inna war2a bas la yomain fa haik lazem a3mil war2et Tuesday"
Me: "hehe tayyeb I'll call tomorrow"

Pink Fig: "willa a2ollek yalla a3teeni ismek"   :)

Restaurant mistake # 1 : never inform customers more than they should know

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Led Zeppelin said...

Rule No.2
Maintain professional conduct at all times,don't try to impress or charm no matter how sexy the woman looks/sounds.
A business is a place of making a living,respect it.