Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook nightmare

Yesterday I was standing next to a bunch of guys and girls who were talking. Next thing you know, girl said in these exact words, and i quote:

"la bamza7, tab3an 3indi facebook shu shayefni social mu3awwaqa?!"
no comment :)


Anonymous said...

:) i like the cartoons, where did you get them from?

Lara said...

Just google images "facebook" :)

Led Zeppelin said...

I ain't got facebook.

But then again I ain't got a blog, so you as a blogger would view me,as you and I would view addicted to facebook ppl..hmmm..mish 3aref aish mnistantej from that,this is as far as I go bil falsafeh :S

m.ispeer said...

i didnt create a facbook account yet, bas there is a game of Poker so i use my friends' accounts t play it, heheheeh, this thing is stupid, i mean come dudes get a life.