Sunday, February 01, 2009

Episodes of my past month

1. Discussing the Egyptian cleaning man

-*Tima: "didn't you notice his eyebrows?"
-Me: "btimza7i!"
-Tima:"bi3mil 7awajbo!"
-Me: "La2, please ma t2olooli inno Fayyoumi gay!"
-Tima: "halla2 3rift keef btitla3 il isha3at bil shirkeh ":)

2. Office blabber I

My phone rings in the office

-*Samara: "Lara, ghayri rantek!"
Me thinking 'ghosbalek! shu dakhalek?'


-Me:" Aish sar b Chevening"?
-*Farida: "3milt il interview :)"

-Me: "cool:) tab o Maree7a?
-Farida: "bardo 3imlat il interview :)"

Me thinking 'hmmmm kul il mamlakeh 3imlat interview ma 3adai :S'

4. Office blabber II

My phone rings in the office
-*Samara: "Lara, ghayri rantek!"
Me thinking 'How about **** you!'

-Ignore mode on-

5. Longest 15 seconds

Waiting for the elevator -B1 to Floor 4
Creepy weird lady approaches me....

-*Manar: "Shu drastek?!!"
Me thinking "what the heck?! I've never spoken to this lady before...."Finance"
-Manar: "Wain? Jam3a Ordoniyyeh?"
-Me: "Ah"

Waiting.........'wain il zift?'

-Manar:"Ana darseh 3ilim ijtima3 min jam3it Bir Zeit"
-Me: ".....umm..... 7ilu"

Elevator opens, lucky me there's no one inside, now i have to get into a closed area, up 5 floors, with the creepy weird lady.... I know she's gonna say something crazy now and no witnesses would be there and no one would believe me!




Not a word........
3.............4 "Ching"

Me thinking 'Ghareeb! she didn't say anything.........Run Forest Run!'

Those were the longest 15 seconds of my life!

6. Office blabber III

-*Rula: "you know they say those who like kitkat are sexually frustrated!"
-*Nabil:"hehe 3am bit2oleeli willa 3am bit2ooli la 7alek? ana 3adi wad3i"
Me thinking: '3adi? o fakhoor b 7alak inno zalameh ya3ni? culture zbaleh 3ala shabab azbal. Abukom 3ala abu haik colleagues'

Sorry for the foul language, those who know me know that I'm not like that :)

*As always, names have been changed


Abdelfattah said...
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Anonymous said...

fayyoumi gay!!!!! :P
imagine if the elevator got stuck between floors, ouch :D

Anonymous said...

didnt it ever occur to you that those colleagues are just trying to be friendly and joke around.. loosen up will you...

Lara said...

Yes it occured to me but I like making them look bad anyway:)

Anonymous said...

maybe because your the bad one here :P

m.ispeer said...

Well, bas how about that weired study, sho elle be7ebo el kitkat are sexually frustrated, walla som3a hai.

i like that fayoumi gay, and el benet elle la7azat his ewebrows lazem t7ot enha qaweyyet el mola7aza be her CV, heheheh i mean come on she notices the eyebrows of the egyptian gay dude.