Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jordan TV

Ma32ool Jordan Television?!!!

It's like it's in a time warp where it got alienated in space with no reference and no benchmarks.

I've got 4 questions for you Jordan TV:

  1. Why do you still host guests and insist on speaking classical Arabic?

(if you say so that the Arab world countries would understand us think again. LBC and Future speak lebanese and they're one of the most viewed channels.)

2. Why are the studio furniture and decor incoherent ?

3. Why are the hosts un natural?

4. Why don't you have interesting shows and series?

1 comment:

Led Zeppelin said...

..and why is it still called "fada2iyeh"? the 90s are over, and it's not like we are tuning in from our "markabeh fada2iyeh" in a galactic sector on route to mars.