Monday, October 26, 2009

Drama @band practice

I just noticed that I have never written anything related to band or my interest in music since I'm saxogirl. Well to spare you of the boring stuff and to make it short, I play the Alto Saxophone since I was 11 and still am, one of my passions in life.

BUT the interesting part is the drama that happened today during band pratice. Never in my life have I imagined that things would take this shape with our conductor, let's call her, Miss Rumba for the sake of argument.
Band background:
  • Conductor: Miss Rumba is the conductor I've known to love and repect for years and years. She was the cool American music teacher who had the exciting activities and trips during school years. She's spent her entire life teaching students music with, I must admit, little appreciation. As you grow up you discover that those idols you used to have are not that perfect, unfortunately, they are just like anybody else.

  • Music: symphonic, classical, a little jazz, serious- not appealing to the common Jordanian

  • Players: since it's a voluntary community band now, very few are attending practices. Currently we're 17
Tamer, my sax mate, started off by explaining to Miss Rumba why previous players are not attending: " I will say this and I hope it doesn't come out the wrong way...... the music needs to be more fun....... "

She was furious, she said that this has been the endless battle with us, that we don't like the music "well if you haven't notice we don't have band music like the ones you hear on the radio, I've always made sure that there would be something that people would recognize and enjoy but there's no winning with you........etc.........Lara has been saying this since ever"....... ehhh ana?

ok I did like 3 years back at a gathering at her house. I said all that needs to be said coz i'm not the kind that sweet talks people, what I believe in I say so help me God. It was a total fiasco tonight as it was 3 years back where all my fellow musicians said nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was bad, no support, no understanding, nothing.

The discussion went on further "I have other things to do than conduct this band if you guys don't want to can support the band by buying some new music...........what you're saying here is that all this music is trash......"

Has she not been with us during performances? Where very few people attend? Where players come and go and only il khozzat illi zayyi stay?

Why are people so protective? She asks for suggestions and then she refuses them. Is it because this band has been her baby for the past 20 years? Why does she take it personal? Doesn't she want this band to succeed? Is it becuase she's past 50 years of age? Mid-life crisis? Does she want to play the victim?

Insanity: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over,
Expecting Different Results

It's funny how to us, the members of the band, it's very obvious what has to be done to make this band something but to her it's not acceptable, it's mean and it's unfair.

Now I understand how bad it seems for others to try to change a person. This person thinks he's got it all figured out and that no one understands but have to trust him. Others think ' if you could only work on that part you'd have it all'.

I think deep inside she knows there's something wrong with this band and how it's being managed but being stubborn beats everything else.

This band breaks my heart, jad, it could be way better.

and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of
Michel de Montaigne


Led Zeppelin said...

Stafkhamtek..u play the saxo, can you do dire straits saxo segments of lives? and I'm not talking your latest tricks..

Agreed inno ur band mashateeb,if u can't enjoy and play what u gets boring and bullied around come I'm the only one who comments here, u might as well call it a's the deal,if no one comments here ghairi for the next couple of days,I win a cup of coffee with the blogger for being dedicated,yeah I am the rule maker..

"Wallah Wallah ili boktob ishi la awsalo to any spot on earth..u've been warned"

madas said...

ya3ni 3eib 3aleiki! how dare you any such things three years ago... ya 3eib ya 3eib...