Friday, October 23, 2009

أحمر وشقي لاذع ولذيذ ؟؟ what the heck!?

We were staying late at the office the other day and G+Ginseng girls came in and distributed promotional drinks with brochures.

I thought that was cool since I like the bitter lemon they have.

Taking a short break we looked at the brochure and couldn't believe the logo, the names of the drinks and the vibes that the brand carries!

Check them out for yourselves (please click on pic to enlarge and note the details)


A whip and handcuffs? for real?

In my opinion this brand is targeting hormones and sexuality. The brand identity girl is wearing a tight outfit with all the gadgets, ma32ool? I don't want to sound like my grandma bas ya3ni a whip??!! Come on

I got more curious and checked their website, unbelievable. Check it and look at what your cursor becomes! Now it all makes sense, my pharmasist friend told me once not to drink it, "it's like Viagra!". I guess we all know what g stands for now.

Welcome to the g spot

What is g? It's a premium multi-flavor carbonated beverage, that contains
ginseng extract- a revitalizing substance known for its healthy medicinal
effects, anti aging benefits, as well as
properties which forms the basis of g's
advertising approach

check the radio ads, banned ads, and motto........ horrible

again..... what the heck?!


Barbies_Hairpin said...

I just checked this site! wow thats insane! its all handcuffs and blindfolds! I always wondered what the g stood for!

Anonymous said...

Well, to tell you the truth, we all know what ginseng material is actually used for, so it's not really something "not expected" per se from the g+ people......

What were you expecting really saxogirl?

Don Alfredo

Z said...

ya3ni it's obvious from day 0 what is their brand promise

the product name is G Spot, it comes with Ginseng, their 4-cans pack is called "4Some Pleasure"...

I have to say inno I'm a big fan of their products. And regardless of what we think of their brand positioning, we have to admit that they're doing it right

Z said...

shame I wasn't there to see their sampling squad... I just hope they live up to the brand promise :D