Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A proof

Serina insisted that we take a picture under the YAL, al 3ashan nbayyen muhimmeen. Shu ba2dar a2ool, pooooooooper!


abu shreek said...

how cool is that pic :)
I think friends meeting abroad is soo lovely... I've experienced that, u remember um 3ajal?! ;)
Do you agree with me marto? or your attitude didn't change since the Chevi-Jag crisis?!!

Lina said...

Abu Shreek that hour at Heathrow was THE BEST :D

y3ni Lara since you got the chance to post pics couldn't you throw in a couple of more meaningful ones ;p

I saw Serina yesterday and got some more details on your wild night out...but don't worry I won't tell ;)

Lara said...

Lina, ya3ni balek ana biddi a7ot hay? wislatni bil email coz one of my managers sawwarna o ba3at-ha, once i find a way to download my camera pictures I'll put more meaningfull ones min 3yooni!