Thursday, December 22, 2005

The X Games

The nice thing about being in Dubai is that there's something to do every single day. Of course this will be the case in a city of wealth & entertainment where people just want, and most importantly, can have a good time.

I don't know if you sport lovers heard of this but Dubai for the first time held the ESPN X Games. These are shows of athletes on motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards & roller blades.
The event took place in Creek Park which is a very big & beautiful park where you can walk for hours without getting bored & what's even more appealing is that this park has so many trees, grass areas & sand areas on the shore of Dubai creek for sailing, tanning or just relaxing. The view is beyond description.

The show started with stunts made by skateboarders that jump along the U-shaped runway amazingly showing us the coolest moves in the air. During breaks some dancers performed on the runway on the loud hip-hop R&B music.

What could be more amusing for me? Food!

Working for a cool company like Daimler-Chrysler we got VIP entrances to the whole show so we didn't have to wait in line to enter the park, pay a for a ticket or sit with the common crowd :p We had the seats under the shade with an open buffet to just enjoy the show! You know where Graph used to sit and watch Agasi during his games? we had the same importance & location :) Ya 3ammi ana muhimmeh ! ;)

After that we moved to another area very close to the runway of the motocyclers (because we are VIPs in case you forgot). Tab3an ana sakhanit! Any wrong move from the athletes & we'd be run over! Fortunately all went well & show was as amazing.
Athletes participating came from all over the world which was interesting as they performed joint stunts.

Halla2 shayfeen kul hal 3aj2a? Akhoona billah 3am bikra2! 3alam akhar hal makhloo2, the music wil jumps wil dinia o al 3am bikra2! When I saw him I couldn’t help it but zoom & take a picture, I figured if he doesn’t notice the fun outside his bubble he’s not going to mind me taking a picture!!

The evening ended with great fireworks (better than the ones I've seen in USA on Independence day) & a musical concert with a live local band.

What a great way to spend a Friday :) What's nice over there is that everybody is there to have fun, no 7afartal, everybody gets free snaks & kulshi ma7soob 7sabo like toilets & security & paramedics (which came useful as one of the skateboarders fell on his head). Simply everybody wants to have a good time & it's so easy in this city.
On that day (including a lot more days) I wish that you guys
were there. We would’ve had so much fun.

I'll leave you with 2 more nice pics : ya3ni sha3ro akhdar min kul 3a2lo! ? _______________________________

Dodge is also in one of our brands so there was a raffle to win this beauty!

(check out the background)

- A few days back we had a Christmas party at the company, I won't bore you with details but I'll say that I got the 2nd biggest prize which is a lot of Mercedes branded things :)


m.ispeer said...

how cool.....i am trying this skating thing....
7aram the guy with green hair law be3raf enno ra7 yenfade7 haik ma kan 3emelha...hehe
and i think somebody should start minding her own buisness the man is reading just leave him alone for god`s sake ;)
way to go dude this is lara that i know always winner...but u have to intriduce me to whoever won the 1st prize...i may wanna be friends with him....come on lara he`s the first :p
hey marian i hope u read this so u can back me up again...

Lina said...

I want to hear details about the office barty :)

This is cool, I like the guy reading, and the place seems like loads of fun! Bs are you sure you wish we were there, ma i7na fdee7a ;p

Abu Shreek said...

Im sorry im not posting a lot of comments, im very busy u know that abu shreek!
the place seems to be very cool, bs wein sowarek enty?!!