Sunday, December 11, 2005


Internal tourism is good! It's just like going to Madaba (Lina) or Fheis (Omar & Marian) or Ajloun (Maha) or Jabal Amman (Dareen!) although her very frequent shat7at are to Sharm El Sheikh!

I wrote a lot fa I'll just leave you with facts & figures of Sharqa city. It's half an hour away by car, I went with Firyal, the gorgeous Sabrine, the sweet & attractive Yumna & the Turkish-German-girlfriend-of-one-of-the trainees-who's-always-around Nadia.
The place is very similar to downtown but in a beautiful architectural holding called Blue Souk! Yeah I know, it's either Blue market or soug il zarga bas aish asawwi haik ismo!

Sharja is like Jebal il Hussain! If you stand at a certain place looking at those hideous outfit stores u'd swear it was that street in Amman. 7atta nafs no3 il horrible shop names: "Dashadeesh Omran" , "7alawiyyat il batal", "Abu 3azzam lil aqmisha" ! lol

We had fun, it was nice to be ogled at again ;)
Enjoy the pictures
(they remind me of il balad)


Lina said...

finally :D

the pictures really feel like el-balad, but you have to admit that nothing beats Souq El Bukhariyyeh, Souq Mango, Hashem, and Balat El Rasheed ;) A couple of days ago we took Christine and Ross for some Knafeh and Warbat at El Sahl El Akhdar next to El Sa7a El Hashmiyyeh, I absolutely love it there :)

marian said...

ikhs missed booza ghazi!!!!