Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ya mista3jil wa22if ta2ollak!

I mentioned that traffic is horrible here right? Well they say illi bikhaf min il bo3bo3 bitla3lo o ana batsarsa3 min il sur3a as you all know- 7ussam I’m sure you can relate & know exactly what I mean.

Last Sunday Yumna, Karazeh & I were driving back home from work on Emirates road when we stopped behind a bus waiting stuck in traffic when all of a sudden Karazeh who was driving looked in the back view mirror & said : “What the **** is going on?” Tab3an before any of us knew what she meant we were hit from behind by a truck & thus squashing us -the teeny tiny Renault Clio- between the bus & the truck. La2 o al ana aish ba7ibbish atla3 ma3 il trainees il shabab coz they drive crazy!!! Naseeb!

To make a looooooong story short we called our fellow “crazy driving guys” & they came to help us with our wrecked rented car. Being an Arab I was the mediator between us, the police & the ambulance. Yumna’s back was aching & Karazeh’s neck was normal so we asked for the wee wee to take us to the hospital. I didn’t know that I was in pain because I was busy taking care of everybody else but I’m fine now although we all still have bruises.

Ana olt ya salam min awwal osboo3 3milt 7adis o dakhalt mustashfa o makhfar
shurta, la inshalla by the end of my internship bakoon bil isla7iyyeh!
Anyway olt yalla fursa nshoof il mustashfayat illi hone since this is a fairy-tale city -3ala olet Serina- yimkin the doctors bikoonu labseen lapcoats made of gold, il history bikoon electronic, wil kul mabsoot.

Well it seems the fairy tale city ended abil il mustashfa b share3 coz it was horrible! Il doctor kan sudani :D sikabob ya3ni. Bas of course when I saw the waiting room I had to take a picture of the sign coz it was hilarious. I never expected to see it in Dubai.

Guys don’t worry this was not the cool hospital bas it was specialized with bone x rays but what I was impressed with is that we didn’t have to pay anything !

Mish battaleh hal plastic city.

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