Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Living in Jordan all my life I don’t cease to notice unexplainable things about the society. Lately I have noticed that our youth culture is not mature enough. There’s no acceptance of the other.

In a sense that we label groups, masalan those who go to Nai are labeled differently than those who don’t.
“Ah howweh min il no3 illi biroo7 3al Nai” (pronounced NAAY, laish ma 7ada bi3raf :))
What’s that supposed to mean? Inno if he didn’t he would be perceived better or worse?

I was mentioning to my work friends some time ago that we could go to books@cafe and they (both being males) said: “law aish I won’t go”!

Ba3dain this new trend in Jordan of having film makers and artists and writers ( the non traditional jobs) is being held by a) the well-off b)the rebels c) a and b

Another perception is that those who are artists carry on the habit of drinking and those who do not drink are lame! And mind you, both parties hate each other.

Our society is not mature enough to accept all kinds of people without associating them to any cult. And you HAVE to belong to a cult.

I usually attend the annual European Film Festival and go watch different films when I can. When I mentioned it to a work colleague that I’m going that night she said : “ah inti min il no3 illi bi7dar hadole il ishya2?” Actually I was curious to know more about my ‘no3’! inno do I masalan don’t eat greens and all that grows on trees willa shu?

Below are some noticeable groups:

  • Those who talk in Arabish vs. Those who’s Arabic are proficient enough for conversation
  • Those who go party in Beirut every other weekend coz “ahel 3amman bi3rafoosh yinbinstu” vs. those who realize that staying for a few consecutive months in Jordan is not that uncool.
  • 7afartal vs. non 7afartal………. This has the widest range of possibilities. A typical Jordanian falls in and out of these categories as we speak
  • “Ana b Vy” vs. “it’s just a gym for crying out loud”
    “jama3it il salsa” vs. “I don’t go to dancing lessons but I love ‘so you think you can dance’”!
  • Baccalaureate School vs. A public school

The thing is, it’s not that black and white, there isn’t only 2 sides of the issue as I have demonstrated above. People are not either or. The true statement is :

X vs. Y vs. Z vs. Q, …ect


Rebel without a Cause said...

Well I know you use these labels more than most people I know but I need to ask you about the possible combinations:

Ex. Can you be "Min Jama3it Vy" wo bitroo7 3al Naay, bas ma btishrab, and you wouldn't be caught dead watching a foreign film...

And by the way it is the rich acting as rebels who are leading the creative movement in Jordan (that's why it will suck for many years to come)

Lara said...

well for your example, yes I know people like that.

For the 2nd part, it's your opinion, or label might we say :)

Led Zeppelin said...

Agreed with the labels,they're just too many.

so I never noticed you before,I like ur pic,it gives me a mental image of a moby video clip with you having pop corn with a dorky guy (hence your other post),of course the corn is all over the place!

Led Zeppelin
aka mr.anonymous

p.s by now you have received many calls/emails raising red flags about me,....don't believe them!

Lara said...

Thanks Led Zepplin :) How come your blogging page is empty? Are you just a person who critiques without posting, i guess all those things being said about you in email are right! lol

m.ispeer said...

heheh i heard some guys talking the other day about subscribing to vy, and they couldn't do it, not becouse they dont have enough money to pay the fees, but becouse it costs too damn much to get equiped for it, the ipod, the D&G training, the Gucci hair band, heheheh it was hillarious, and i just thought, i would definitly go in there with my 1 dollar worth boxer one would be nice

Well, u r absolutely right abt the labels, but that is not only in jordan, that happens everywhere, like now if SOMEONE stops drinking, his old drinking fellas find him very less amusing to set with, becouse he has been labeled.

its stupid, but its not jordanian.

Lara said...

M.Ispeer lol!

i know who that someone is :)

interesting comment, it's so true. oh and by the way when u do go to Vy with ur 1 dollar boxer plz let me know, i wanna watch :)

Led Zeppelin said...


yup,I ain't got no blog I'm a commenter "another label?", I just trespass ppl's spaces, make my mark and then leave into the shadows of dusk.

so I was right about the red flags eh,man those ppl from my club haters,they're just everywhere..wait what do you mean they already offered you premium membership?

Dima said...

allow me to say this .. you're just another label .. god i can't believe that you are still thinking in that atmospherically judging way..
well i guess you have to know a little more about those or those or she or he in a way that will at least help you describe them better.
am sorry i don't mean any harm ... such people or labels exist but such judgments are driving me crazy lately, and if you read the daily newspapers you will realize that the whole society has became full of judges . and mashallah kol 7ada shater y7ot categories as if the categories need more categories ..
am not gonna say anymore now ..coz i'm sick of this dear..
oh .. judge me 

mots sur un mur silencieux said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lara said...

Dima, as usual bitfa3fiti :)
chill! Shiklek you missed the point, i'm as frustrated about this as you are + i'm just writing out what i hear from ppl and what i observe, if you're not one of those who label bravo 3alaiki, that's why you're my friend ;) So when are we gonna chat up you and me?

Jerusalem said...

That ya 3azeezty is because every Jordanian citizen is another abu fehmi who has the capacity to criticize the whole world but is incapable of improving him/her own self :D

Dima said...

don't worry , the best is yet to come

Led Zeppelin said...

so since I found my way here through madas, im gonna be asking madas about this...lara don't read,go buy some candy..

so madas,how do you rate lara on a scale of 1 to 10? you think I would click with her asking her out?in a non-virtual form.
wait,in case she reads this,maybe u should consider switching the rating thing,iza u dont like her put 10! and in reality I know you mean 1,and vice versa...
now whatever you say will get me confused..

madas said...

Led Zeppelin

Friends don't rate each other, especially for anonymous people... and in all cases, girls don't like to go out with anonymous people... how would they know that he is not ugly and weird?

So... sorry...can't help you in this one.

Led Zeppelin said...

lara,don't read this either,here..go get more candy.

u kidding me? she's a paper bag creepy smiling face who goes by the name lara..the anonymous thing is a two way street here..but I will find a way around it.

thanks for tagging along though,you're a good person and remind me of the right things in life.

mots sur un mur silencieux said...

Great that it's getting so many views here :) lol