Sunday, December 07, 2008


My admirers.

Why on earth do I attract the wrong kind of guys? dayman?

Back in school I was a nice girly girl. I had crushes on guys

but those who had crushes on me were emmmmmm ……..

how can I say it in a
non judgmental way……… mashateeb :)

I remember in KG 2 when we were standing in line singing the anthem or saying something stupid like ba7ib mama o baba ya3mal fil 7aqel or something of that sort, a fellow classmate broke the alignment and stood closer to me and gave me a kiss! How dare he! It wasn’t Ghaith* whom I vowed to marry and love forever and ever, it was this shateb guy who was too rough, played football in playground all the time and had barabeer! (boogers)

When I was in 5th grade there was a new kid in school who was in 6th grade, he was fat with a red face (all the time) and not my style at all. Yet he knew what he wanted and that was me! The problem is not only how to get rid of him but also how to get rid of him while trying to hook up with the hunk in his class!

*Shady was determined, he sent out his friend to give me a silver necklace with half a heart with “Please forgive me I can’t stop loving you” written on it! Brian Adams had a very unfortunate fan it seems.

The worst part of his stalking was that he lived right opposite of Chili House were we used to hang out and so had radars whenever I was around :) Let’s just say that Chili House is not that great for hideouts.

The next admirer was also fat………hmmm ok I see a trend……….. who till this day my friend reminds me of his stupid comment when I cut my hair and showed up to school : “Min jameela il ajmal”!
Huh? What the heck? We’re not in pre Islamic eras where we talk in classical Arabic!

Why God why? What is it in me that I’m a magnet to these people?

Skipping university, jumping into the NOW I thought that drama will disappear and the nice girl would meet a nice guy and life will be great but no!

At work adbash guys ever would approach me, seriously like top 5 aznakh shabab fil shirkeh. I need hours of storytelling to talk about those.

This year only I’ve been approached by 3 guys, 2 of whom are in their 30s and 1 in his 40s! Hellooooooooooooooo do I look that old? I’m freakin’ 25 and these people are minimum 9 years older than me.

What? Am I that attractive to oldies? It’s true I am mature ;) The thing is they’re not only older but they look old and they’re just not my style.

The last one bugged me the most; for starters when he called me he mistook my name. Sorry man but if you really want to get a girl you get her name straight!
And then I told him I’d call him back but didn’t. Where I come from it means i7lig, but apparently where he comes from it means ‘please call again and again and again and again’

If this keeps up does it mean that I’m gonna get stuck with one of ‘those’? Oh my God it’ll be over, I’ll be one of those girls who got older and didn’t find anyone suitable so she hooked up with hadak il 3ammo ! Scary thought.

My new year’s resolution:
Stop attracting the weird crowd

*Names have been changed for security purposes


Lina said...

You need to embrace your destiny girl and accept who you really are - a magnet for mashateeb =P

PS. I want to hear the long narrative about those recent stories.

madas said...

lara honey... you attract mashateeb guys :) but at least you don't need to explain to people that you are not vulgur!

madas said...

by the way the red guy sounds like fares... is there anything you would like to tell us?

Rani said...

happy holidays :)

Lara said...

hehe No Mariam, Fares is a red head, this guy had a red face for some reason.
But, hey, i'm sure he's now hooked up with a nice girl,all is cool, life is great....o ni7na a3deen :)

Anonymous said...


Reem said...

Lara,,, I never imagined you are the kind of girls who actually have crushes on guys!!! Reading your blog is always gr8!!
And by the way, I join Lina, I want the long narrative too, but not only about the recent ones,, about them all :)
Lina.. I miss you! hope all is great there!

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the intrusion (ended up at your blog by chance but being a fellow Jordanian I decided to read on). I guess you're just hanging around the wrong guys in Dubai ;)

On a serious note, I think you should be a writer! Good luck finding your man in Dubai!

And by the way for the record, I'm neither fat nor a "mashtoob" (but I guess they all say that! :)


Lara said...

Thanks Anonymous, you're not intruding at all :) and by the way i'm back in Jordan now, i only lived in Dubai for Short while (unfortunately )

Anonymous said...

Can I claim I ended up here again by mistake? Or would that be just a little too obvious? :)

Hope you had a good stay in Dubai! And do let the world know when you're back in town.. Would be nice to catch up in person..