Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Highlight of my 2008

I think 2008 was a good year for me....... these are what made an impact on me the most:

1. Bonding with one of my cousins
moments when you're sure genetics are stronger than anything

2. Left at Frankfurt airport
was supposed to meet my friend there to go on the same plane back to Amman, she miraculously made it at the gate, we were both in tears

3. Being at Bon Jovi's concert
singing 'always' with him, live

4. Quit drinking sodas and eating chips
but if the times get tough i'm going back!

5. Changing career paths from HR to Marketing
this doesn't mean that I'm sticking to marketing either :P

6. Started Salsa classes and commited for 1 whole year
don't intend to quit in this lifetime

7. Reassured that Venus and Mars will never meet, there will always be people who say 'FAYsal', that life is full of irony,and that friends will come and go but the good ones always come back.


Led Zeppelin said...

1st blog I encounter without talking about Gaza..thanks for talking about smth else to lift up my spirit..even for a little while.

you dropped down on a major highlight there, that is Me clicking on your blog link..and trying to get to know from behind the screen..
..sorry,you only get once chance but feel free to add this to your regrets list :P

M.ispeer said...

Duuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeee, you quit drinking sodas and chips, when the hell was that???? hhmmm to be honest i dont really understand the last point, and i hate this whole talk about Venus adn Mars, coz seriously i cant understand it, sus even got me a book that explains this but i couldnt read it coz i thought its blaaaaaa...anyway happy new year and lets hope that next year we will see a more prolonged list of achivments...
oh yea i 4got, just one more thing, do not quit on marketing, beleive me you will make it there...and when you figure out the right path i am gonna through you a hell of a party...;)