Thursday, December 18, 2008


All of you out there who are in the corporate world can relate to this; the strange phenomenon of having those Victim employees!
Some people just victimize themselves, simply because they enjoy it. If you look closely around the office you will have this "i'm the victim" character, i'm certain.

*Mirna is a fellow colleague in my company, she's a manager (by force) and she's the company's hardworking-no-one-appreciates-me victim. She often refers to herself as the victim, and puts on the victim's mask and starts her day, it's true.

She barges into directors' offices and tells them how frustrated she is by their decisions, how they don't care about her area of business and that she will not take their bull!
If she bumps into me or anyone at the bathroom she starts pouring her heart out how the company is not like before, how depressed she is from the situation and how much she gave to the company. "wala 7atta shukran ma bu2oluli" she would add.

"Mirna, why don't you leave the company and go somewhere else? Your experience is great in this field you can find a job in no time" I would suggest.
This is Mirna's favorite part, this is the part she loves most, this is where she proves that she is the real victim: "No no I want to stay, this is the company that I served for many years. Ana 3ashanni ba7ki il dughri o ma bamassi7 jookh bi2oolu 3anni mujrimeh, bas alla bi3lam".

Oh come on for God's sakes, why would anybody stay in a company where they are not appreciated and not change to a new job with higher pay and a better environment and most importantly where she can be appreciated for her technical skills?

Y? Because people love to victimize themselves. It's more appealing, they make others feel sorry for them and better yet they excuse them for whatever mistakes they do.

Once I told my boss: "Mirna majnooneh" and he said : "Maskeeneh hay" !
You see? Works every time :)

*Dareen is another story. She's the company's chick. And what's better for guys than being a chick? Being blond :)

Dareen is a great employee, i must admit, dedicated and all but years and years of conflict with her manager is not logical. Whenever she feels that her manager is about to give her negative feedback she runs to HR or to the CEO and cries a few tears and turns the whole problem to her favor. The team is teaming up against her. Not fair.

Who can resist a crying blond chick? She must be right :)
Bingo! Being a victim pays off.

A lot of people in our world do that. It's so easy to do it, it's within the comfort zone and it takes off the heat of responsibility.

Whenever a person puts on the victim mask, everything is so much easier. Working hours are less, no standing in line, a lot of attention and sympathy.

I'm not saying that there are no victims in life, there are but these colleagues are not them.

Quoting from the movie Dangerous Minds (a movie which is lame in my opinion but has a good message):

Nobody's forcing you to be here. You have a choice. You can stay, or you can leave.There are no victimsin this classroom!

* Names have been changed for security reasons... my security


Abdelfattah said...


The quote of your manager is 100% accurate though, especially the word "Hay" :)

Well, you said it works all the time, but it didn't work on you, so the problem is not playing Victim, the problem is when others believe it!

Khalleeni Saket A7san

"Wain, 3alamon Jameeeeeeel"

Led Zeppelin said...

case no.1
yeah these ppl do exist,although I don't encounter many of them,and I must add to her case that some ppl are afraid of change,they get too settled in their current situation that it becomes their turtle shell and they don't want to get out of it.

case no.2
hmmm I won't take ur word for it,I must get to know her personally,and see what its all about..I.."cough" don't wana azlomha you know..

Lara said...

Led Zepplin

Of course you want to get to know her, she's blond, she can't be evil! :)

Led Zeppelin said...


actually..a blonde beautiful woman is a very dangerous creature,inha tkoon evil is very of many other possible bad things..but I'm never complaining!

say whats ur email address? look up mine and mail me,I'd like to send u smth.